Senior Army Instructor Exposes Burke High School JROTC Cadets To Leadership Opportunities

Pictured are Retired Major John Dunmyer, III, Larry Singletary, Jr., Malaysia Gallashaw, Andisi Kita (not pictured: Lyntoria Simmons)

Major (Retired) John Dunmyer, III, Senior Army Instructor continues to expose Burke High School JROTC Cadets to leadership opportunities. The General Westmoreland Chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) conducted a Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) aboard the USS Yorktown (CV-10) at Patriot’s Point in Mt Pleasant, SC.
June 21-24, 2016.

Major (Retired) John Dunmyer, III, Cadet/Major Lyntoria Simmons, Cadet/Command Sergeant Major Andisi Kita, 1st Year Cadets/Sergeant Malaysia Gallashaw, and Cadet / Corporal Larry Singletary, Jr to attend based on positions of leadership and academic prowess in their studies. The 4-day conference focused on patriotic education.

Incorporated into the program is leadership curriculum, historic tours, and meaningful interaction with military professional, political, business and community leaders.

SCORE leaders this year introduced the requirements for a successful business plan and then let the students develop a plan and present it to the assembled. The students were given copies of the “Ten Most Patriotic Speeches” with a list of 14 leadership traits and asked to choose a speech and pick 3 traits exhibited in the speech. The students addressed endurance, loyalty, dependability, initiative and more to bring life to the speeches.

None of the speeches would have been as interesting without the aid of Power Point.

Technical assistance was provided by Cadets Larry Singletary (1st Year, Burke High School JROTC, Charleston) and Logan Carder (Columbia Sojourners), each receiving an MOWW challenge coin, an honor not easily received by a 1st Year Cadet. Anthony Roman (Savannah) and Madison Hince (Atlanta) also earned challenge coins. Burke High School JROTC represented well throughout the conference. Cadets Singletary and Gallashaw were assigned as a group leaders which is a position not normally obtained by 1st year cadets, Cadets / Command Sergeant Major Andisi Kita and Major Lyntoria Simmons were assigned as Youth Counselors.

The hot topic essay this year was “Given recent press coverage of police officer involved shootings, can law enforcement agencies regain the trust of those they are sworn to protect?” First place was awarded to Joseph Rollins (Atlanta), second place to Madison Hince (Atlanta), and third place to Larry Singletary (Burke High School JROTC, Charleston).

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