CrowdReach Launches New Features to Simplify Communication, Increase User Engagement

CrowdReach, a Charleston-based web and mobile communications platform for businesses and mission-based organizations, has released new key features that allow users to efficiently send messages via e-mail, text, social media and real-time promotions through one centralized platform. With new features and an expanding team and client base, CrowdReach is positioned for continued growth on all fronts.


“CrowdReach is proud to be a Silicon-Harbor startup,” said Trey Rust, president of CrowdReach. “We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response we’ve received from the community and look forward to keeping the momentum going by helping organizations reach their crowds where they’re listening.”


Serving a number of markets including retails, professional services, organizations, food & beverage and hospitality, CrowdReach streamlines communication efforts for users while enhancing the audience’s experience. Through data consolidation, relationship management and feedback mechanisms, organizations can easily gauge the effectiveness of their communications and calibrate their marketing strategies to increase engagement.


“CrowdReach saves us so much time by enabling us to quickly send tailored messages to various groups,” said Katherine Richards, development associate of the Sustainability Institute. “We work with veterans, churches, towns and so many other organizations, it’s vital that we’re able to send tailored, real-time messages that look both professional and beautiful.”


Since launching in May, CrowdReach has added and enhanced several key features that allow organizations to reach their audiences where they’re listening.


Auto-Populated Hashtags

Businesses can now add and save frequently used hashtags. The feature allows users to quickly tap auto-populated hashtags for e-mails, text messages and social media posts to save time and boost brand consistency.


Instagram Scheduling

In addition to Facebook and Twitter scheduling, CrowdReach launched a feature that allows users to simply craft and schedule an Instagram post. Users receive a push notification when it is time to post the message, directing them to post with the click of a button.


Importing Contacts

The import feature allows users to import contacts from iOS mobile devices into CrowdReach to create segmented lists. Recipients are then given the opportunity to update their preferences to indicate how they prefer to receive future communications. By segmenting contacts into groups based on customers’ preferred channels, organizations can boost engagement and trust with their audiences.



CrowdReach’s CrowdPleaser feature enables the user to create, edit, schedule and send real-time promotions or messages to a segmented list, allowing organizations to align supply with demand on the fly to drive immediate response. Enhanced features include new fonts, colors and styles that give users the option to quickly create a meme, promotion or inspirational message.


In addition to new features and customers, CrowdReach is growing its sales and support teams to meet the recent increase in demand. With plans to expand outside of the Charleston region in the coming months, CrowdReach will continue to invest in top-tier talent to strengthen its product offering to existing and new customers.


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