Dope & Rare’s New Mobile Game, ‘Bae Trippin’ Now Available

Dope & Rare’s  first mobile app/game is now available. Bae Trippin, developed by ThatLevel, is a witty game inspired by social media trends. The concept of the game is to collect personal items being thrown outside by “bae”—an acronym that stands for “before anyone else.”

The innovative group has an interesting story to share about the game’s origin. However, Dope & Rare’s Founder Justin Wages, doesn’t plan to tell it just yet. “This has never happened to me,” Justin Wages admitted. “But, I do know a couple of people who’ve had their belongings thrown out by their spouse.”  

And, while critical thinking isn’t required a sense of humor definitely is.  Bae Trippin features the infamous Michael Jordan meme, Lemonade, and a Mossberg Montana produced-beat.

“When Mossberg released the ‘Chicken Chicken’ back in May, the internet went crazy. It was truly a proud moment for [Charleston],” Wages added. Moments after it was released on Soundcloud, we called ThatLevel. The [‘Chicken Chicken’] trend became the official instrumental for our game.”

Bae Trippin was first played during Dope & Rare’s iMac Giveaway. Over fifty people showed up to the Alley Downtown with Apple devices, and downloaded the app for a chance to win. Jamal Waters, of Goose Creek, received a high score of 74 to win. The event was live streamed on Dope & Rare’s Facebook page. #BaeTrippin was also trending on Twitter and Instagram.

To be a fairly new company, Dope & Rare finds their level of support to be amazing. “Our followers are dope, “said Wages. “The iMac Giveaway was a way to express our gratitude, and share our very first project. Not too many people, companies or organizations would giveaway items with such high value…for free.  But we live by the motto ‘that it’s better to give than to receive’.”

And while Apple users played exclusively for the last two months, Bae Trippin is now available at the Google Play Store (for Andriod consumers). 

“Now everyone can play and attempt to beat my high score,” Wages added. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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