Whitney Dow’s ‘Whiteness Project’ Releases New Online Installment with POV

Intersection of I, the second installment of award-winning filmmaker Whitney Dow’s Whiteness Project, has been released online today. Produced in association with American Documentary | POV, Whiteness Project is an interactive investigation into how Americans who identify as white, or partially white, experience their race. Intersection of I examines millennials’ views about race and identity and aims to further spark debate about the role of whiteness in American society. Whiteness Project encourages white Americans to become fully vested participants in the ongoing conversation about race.

Filmed in Dallas, Texas, during the summer of 2015, Whiteness Project’s Intersection of I is a collection of 23 interviews with millennials ages 15-27 from varied socioeconomic backgrounds, and with a variety of sexual orientations and gender identities. Interviewees were each asked to discuss their relationship to, and share their understanding of, their own whiteness, as well as consider how their whiteness intersects with the different parts of their identity. Each video interview is followed by a statistic that adds a contextual framework to the views shared and provides an opportunity for self-reflection by the audience.

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For more information and to engage with Whitney Dow’s Whiteness Project’s Intersection of I, please visit: http://www.whitenessproject.org

Dow’s Whiteness Project brings white Americans, especially those who would not normally engage in a conversation about race, into the racial discussion. Whiteness Project’s first installment, Inside the White/Caucasian Box, is a collection of 21 interviews filmed in Buffalo, N.Y. Released in October 2014, it immediately generated buzz across traditional and social media. “Provocative and unsettling, the Whiteness Project is straight from the horse’s mouth,” said Tom McKay of Mic, while Gayle King of CBS This Morning called it “fascinating” and Jordan Sowunmi of Vice described it as “complex and original.”

Intersection of I is my attempt to expand the conversation started by Inside the White/Caucasian Box by digging deeper into the complicated equation that makes up identity,” said Whiteness Project creator Whitney Dow. “I wanted to better understand the role whiteness plays in people with complex identities such as those who are biracial, multi-racial or transgender. I focused on millennials as they are viewed as the group that is driving the rapid change in identity politics and perceptions. As always, I used research to put the views expressed into a broader societal context.”

“We’ve been watching the Whiteness Project reverberate across the web and offline, across the political spectrum and skin colors, and also in a variety of academic settings,” said POV Digital Executive Producer Adnaan Wasey. “With this new chapter about millennials, we are leveraging burgeoning social networks to engage a new generation and facilitate a new set of conversations about race in America.”

An interactive art installation version of Intersection of I can also be experienced as an official selection of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival’s Storyscapes, April 14-17 at the festival’s Hub, 50 Varick St., New York, NY 10013. The installation is a collaboration between Dow, architectural firm LOT-EK, KUDOS Design Collaboratory and ARUP. 

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