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Matt Monday Confirms Release Date for “Filthy” Album

Matt Monday

“Filthy” album cover

Hip Hop artist Matt Monday has confirmed an October 5th release date for his new album Filthy. The date and album artwork were recently shared at the conclusion of Monday’s newly released “Ernest Simms” video.  Unfortunately, the Blvc Svnd produced-track didn’t make the final cut, nor did fan favorites “The Lomax,” “Devils” or “Filthy”.

The full track list includes:

1. 8:43 am (prod. Matt Monday)

2. L.O.T.M (prod. Blvc Svnd)

3. Try Me (prod. Ezra)

4. Mixx (prod. Rich Beatz)

5. Live 4 (prod. MadBliss)

6. Finessin ft. Warhol the Ghost

(prod. Larry Ford Jr.)

7. Straight Sent from my iPhone

“This is it,” says Mike Santos, a joint partner of Southern Wealth In Music (S.W.I.M), an independent label based out of Charleston. “Monday has been perfecting this album for quite some time now. But he’s ready. S.W.I.M is ready.”

The album is executively produced by Charleston producer/audio engineer Black Dave, and features additional work of producers from the Holy City to Southern California. The production list also credits Monday, who self-produced “8:43 am.”

“Working with Dave took my production to another level,” Monday adds. “Once we found our sound it was off to the races. We recorded at least thirty-five to forty songs for this project and narrowed it down to what we thought were the best thirteen. We definitely compliment each other when it comes to crafting great songs.”

According to Monday, Filthy, is one of the best albums of his musical career. Filthy will be his fourth album, but his very first project released by S.W.I.M. “This is some of my best work,” Monday says. “I’m on a groove right now, so who knows what could happen next.”

Filthy will be available as a digital download on iTunes. For more information about the album, visit

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