Wednesday, May 24, 2017  
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When is Living Not Sacred?
5/23/2017 4:45:45 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Life presents every living "hue-man" soul with different challenges galore. The living experience also has many in between contrasting moments of ups and downs when, sometimes, you can't describe those entities with degrees of certainty.

Does any of what I just said make any sense to you now as I attempt to talk with you in a down-to-down manner of just plain rapping? I hope that you'll answer that inquiry with a patient heart instead of with a clueless mindset because where I'm coming from today, hopefully, will make you think a little bit more introspectively about life-in-general.

I was thinking that there are some scenarios in life's ever unfolding happenings that we can't figure out for the best of our intentions in analyzing them. That current reality has hit me with increased urgency as I read and observe the latest news coming across via the television and other news outlets.

It seems that escalated national random killings, and other worldly isolated acts of violence, once again dominate the airwaves of many of "The American People's" collective outrages concerning such continual unimaginable occurrences. It appears that it's a daily happening without an ending in sight.

I feel all acts of unprovoked mayhem should be abominable to everyone's conception of moral decency and respect. I'll have to admit though that there are some real troubled and deranged beings floating around in our nation and in every environment.

Somewhere, even in the utopian souls of abstract-thinking and equanimity spouting individuals, there seems to be a line of demarcation. The living process, ever so fragile, is becoming more and more valuable real estate in more ways that we may choose to realize. Think about it.

You realistically can't take each second for granted because uninvited death could be at your very door steps. That's the frightened sense of living that many ethnic "hue-mans" of all global cultures and nationalistic communities now face everyday with an aura of not knowing what's next. Think again.

Everything that happening is and are, in many ways, signs from God Alone. This is grown folk rap now, so don't stop reading because we as a techno-hip society need to take serious stock of what's going on around us.

Many of us talk of peace and abolishing hate and injustice, but do we, or they, believe their own hype? Fair and equal justice is intrinsically necessary for any free soul to prosper, and I believe that peace as an ethical standard of life and love for all are not '60s type mantras for the lost and forgotten.

No, peace and love, along with respect for all, go along with making the world a better place to be and to live in. I know that I tire from observing another mass tragedy or a single sinister situation without feeling a sense of dread, especially where shock and awe appear to be mere ubiquitous words to describe what's really happening.

I hope that you'll bear with me today because violence in any format, including senseless murders and killings everywhere, leave me in a difficult arena of thinking. Hence, my opening in today's article.

As you read on, just think about the result of where madness and insanity meet in demented souls' minds of the world. From an unthinkable street horror in Times Square in New York City to the stabbing of an innocent being in College Park, Maryland to an insane blast in an arena in Manchester, England, along with justice seeking others, am amazed at how lunacy has gone berserk.

Just look around us! I, oftentimes, write about how the living process is one of order, balance and fragility because, in my view, living today is a tender and costly commodity until you can't take anything got granted.

In line with today's column, I'm further reminding myself of something I said to another ethnic soul the other day when I said that hatred for others is something we must recognize and destroy. It's a doable activity, but it must start with each individual doing his/her part before campaigning to make it a global cause celeb.

I also said to that wonderful "hue-man" being that life, as we know and live it today, is so valuable, but it's endangered by our self-prejudices, religious hatreds and miseducated biases. As a older brother of color, born here in the USA, please know that I know a little "something, something" about bigotry, hatred and racism.

Unfortunately, I "hate" to say it but everyone has probably tasted some form of discrimination in his or her life time. Sadly, that's the nature of supremacy based ideologies and governments that rule(d) the world, but we ("hue-mans") need to get it together quickly before another disaster hits our door steps. Think.

That warning goes out to the bigoted average Joe in your and my worlds of existences and to the secluded supremacy-minded confines of this present day's global political and business (hidden) elite. Truth is the light, but something is still wrong if we don't look at the overall problem ourselves with hopeful ambition. Who rules what?

I believe sincerely that you and I can make a difference because I'm a believer in the power of God Alone, and I know that nothing, or no "hue-man” from anywhere, is more powerful than the Creator Alone. Hear me well when I tell you that created man is in God's world and not the other way around as some lethargic thinking and disjointed ethnic "colored" folk of every ilk may tend to forget. Are still thinking?

Yes, there's no doubt that there's evil on many fronts existing in the world but the Most High Alone is still in control of the greater show and that's called life. This life, in this phase of the living process, that we're allowed to temporarily experience, is under the Creator Alone's control, even if there are some ethnic souls who don't, or won't, comprehend that unmistakable reality.

Every created soul has value and, as such, his or her life is sacred. For this reason, I choose to embrace respect for my fellow "hue-man," a task that requires work in this multicultural salad bowl called America. Time is running out.

This is my and your country, and we have to work to make it better for all in the present and the future. Hatred, disrespect and prejudice have no place in the Real America agenda so let's help make this a better place for all.

Remember when there's no freedom, justice and equality for all, then that's "when no
life is sacred." If you identify as a true American, think about what I just said, and let's try to make this land better today than it was yesterday.

For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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