Wednesday, May 24, 2017  
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The Signs are Quite Evident
5/3/2017 11:27:17 AM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Anyone who knows anything about me personally and also about my philosophical writing style in general, knows that I always try to relate most things that I discuss in spiritual terms of understanding. It’s because I only worship, praise and honor the Creator Alone and no one else.

That's the only relevant way I, who as a believer in the Creator Alone, can attempt to relate my beliefs, thoughts and opinions to you and others in simplistic norms, especially about this fragile thing call existence and living in the heart and now. As you think about that, I'd like you to please adjust your current spiritual mindset to the reality that tomorrow is not promise to you or anyone else, including me.

If you can do this, then you already know that this moment that you're presently experiencing should be identified as a truly heavy sign, and I feel that you would be wise to not take it for granted. I know that as I'm writing this, I most certainly am not taking this blessed moment gingerly.

I know that I can't because I'm a professed and committed believer in the Creator Alone, Who, I know, alone, is in control of everything and everyone in creation. That's an unarguable sign that's quite evident to me as I look forward to, hopefully, being an active participant in savoring the next second, by the Most High Alone's permission.

Did you know or realize that each second in existence in your worlds of existences that you're extended is a blessed sign from the Creator Alone revealing powerful spiritual messages to your mind, heart and soul? It should be a mighty signal to you and others to let them know that time is not something to lightly play with. I don't. Do you?

Sometimes, in my diurnal travels from here to there, I hear so many diversely ethnic "colored" folk of "hue-manity," including your own ethnicity, talk so heedlessly about things that are going around them as mere isolated, frivolous happenings. I respect their personal views, but I'm not necessarily of that thinking vein or trend of thought .

It's because believe that everything that happens for a reason, and with that I believe also that everything is a revealing sign in some degree or the other. Life is full of unveiling signs, but here again, I think most hue-mans are still, in many ways, "deaf, dumb and blind" to the teaching signs that God Alone has shown or is showing them.

Look closely at your life's scenarios and try to digest what I'm saying ever-so-intently because there's nothing greater than the Creator Alone of life and death's wisdom. It's very important that you have that understanding very clear in your head, heart and mind before you proceed any further.

"The Signs (lessons from God Alone) are Quite Evident," and that should be a no-brainer to understand, if you ask me, because your ability to read this now is a humble lesson, or sign, from God Alone, Who, Alone, has allowed you to be in this arena called "the here and now" experiencing whatever it is that you're experiencing. It's a precious indicator of the most unparalleled gift that you're continually receiving from you Creator Alone. That intimation is called the breath of life, a select gift that was extended to you by none other than the Creator Alone of everyone and everything.

Listen, I believe that by fully comprehending that reality that it is a way of testifying that "The Signs (from God Alone) are Quite Evident" that there's nothing in creation that can compare to the Most High Alone. And that includes all past, present and future created forms of existences. Think!

Everything in existence testifies to God Alone's uncompromising and unequaled uniqueness. From the stars floating on high to the far distant solar systems to the vastness of the limitless depths of the earth's oceans of you and me, everything and everyone are signs of the indisputable unique creative oneness of God Alone. So, how can I, or anyone else, give homage to anyone except the Most High Alone, and I'll die saying and knowing that only God (Alone) is deserving of being worshipped, praised and honored? That should be a basic spiritual arithmetic wrap for a sane believer in the Creator Alone, especially where and when the numbers game of God's unrivaled uniqueness should rightfully start and stop at one when recognizing that He (Alone) is One.

The Most High Alone is "The One" Who (Alone) creates life and death and no intelligent being should ever forget that. Are you intelligent, or are you mislead by hollow myths and deceptive falsehoods that never included you and your ancestors as intelligent souls?

Hmm. They say that the truth is the light but sometimes I wonder, just how long will "some" ethnic "colored" folk take to wake up from a permanent dose of colonial miseducation and terminal religious darkness. Some things are clear, evident signs that some of us had been had better wake up soon and smell the roses in this phase of living before it's too late. Ignorance is bliss to some.

God Alone, Who determines everything, doesn't need me, you or anyone else to handle His business. Never has and never will.

I think of that whenever I arise from sleep at dawn to pray and give thanks each morning for just being given one more opportunity to face the rigors of another day.

"The Signs (of life) are Quite Evident" that not everyone in the world who went to sleep last night will see the new day's rising sun, furthermore, nor will some souls witness the glory of seeing the next new moon. I'd like you to think about that as you read because these are some perilous political and demonic societal times that we're all living in. Again, everything happens for a reason, so take nothing for granted. Be at peace with one and all. Each moment in time is a merciful reminder of God Alone's majestic bounty given to us.

All of life's trials and joys are penetrating signs that signal, quite evidently, that there's no partnership associated with the Creator Alone's solitary stature, especially when you consider how short your own life expectancy is in this phase of the total spiritual living process. Keep that in mind when you consider, and after all that I've said thus far, how much you need and depend on the Creator Alone for everything. Again, think silently.

Don't be fooled by illusory mythologies and specious falsehoods. Give all honor, praise and worship only to the Most High Alone because that is the most spiritually praiseworthy and intelligently evident thing to do. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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Submitted By: Mabrouk Submitted: 5/3/2017
Very good l like it

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