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The Law of Attraction
4/28/2017 4:04:25 PM

Sheila Savannah Johnson

Tamara Derricotte Rios
By Patrice Smith

Sheila Savannah Johnson and Tamara Derricotte Rios have been friends for over 30 years and they share a love of writing.

“I give credit to my older sisters Tommie Green, a well-known radio entertainer and Carlie Townsend, who wrote poems and plays that I got to act in when I was little. My sisters wrote because they wanted something better. Coming from our neighborhood you had to dream big,” Johnson says.

Rios says her big sister influenced her to write, too.

“Marsha was a published poet and my mother was a librarian, so I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing short stories. I find writing to be very therapeutic.” Rios wrote a cook book and she and Johnson penned an advice column that appeared in the Summerville Sentinal.

“It was like Dear Abby. We got a lot of responses. Our questioning was current. It was fun to write,” Johnson remembers.

One day Johnson (Savannah from Star 99.7) told Rios that she wanted to do more and Rios said “let’s write a book” and ‘The Law of Attraction’ was born.

Johnson had a character in her mind. “Candice Lee is a superstar reporter in Savannah, Georgia (we wanted to keep it in the south) who has a career. She’s a wife and mother but she has struggles,” Johnson recounts.

Rios says the two went back and forth with the story of Candice Lee and decided they wanted her to come out on top.

“We wanted her to win and not be absorbed by her bad luck. We think a lot of women will relate to this story and we wanted to show that it’s not what you go through but how you deal with it,” according to Rios.

The writing duo calls ‘The Law of Attraction’ a novella, which is a long short story.

“We wanted a book someone could read on a week end trip or a day at the beach. It’s an easy, short romantic story that any woman can relate to. It deals with sexuality, love lost, domestic abuse, control issues,” Johnson says.

When ‘The Law of Attraction' was finished, Johnson’s sister told her about a local publisher. “I met with the publisher; he looked over the story and said ‘you’ve got something here’.”

‘The Law of Attraction’ is available at Amazon books (, search The Law of Attraction by Sheila Johnson) and has a vibrant yellow cover.

“The cover was done by my youngest son Corey. Tam and I told him what the book was about and he came up with the perfect graphics,” Johnson says.

‘The Law of Attraction' is the first in a trilogy. “The first book ends with a cliff hanger. We’re working now on the second book because Candice Lee has a lot of layers. The third book will expose even more about Candice and should be out by Christmas,” Rios says.

The pair will have a Charleston book signing in May. They then plan to take ‘The Law of Attraction’ on the road to Charlotte, Atlanta, Jacksonville and Long Island, New York.

Rios hopes their books can be made into a movie.

“We wanted to make them enjoyable and relatable and show that two sisters can in fact work together and produce what we did.”

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