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New Music Alert: Quis KingSoul Intrigues With Refreshing Debut 'Godis'
4/19/2017 3:42:54 PM


By Natalie Prioleau, contributing writer

New hip-hop artist Quis KingSoul has been reigning over the ears of listeners from the upper to lower regions of South Carolina since the debut of his mixtape, “Godis.”

Following the release of his soulful, romantic hit single, “Girrrl” back in December of 2016, the mixtape embodies Quis’ life journey complete with emotion-laden stops from nostalgia, to curiosity, sensuality to skepticism.

Having joined the journey, The Chronicle has four reasons why ‘Godis’ is worth the ride.

Number One: The Artist

Quis KingSoul, born Marquis Hall, is an individual in every sense of the word. Born and raised in northern Philadelphia, Quis is a free-thinking maverick. He is intentional with every aspect of his life from his spiritual beliefs to the clothes he wears. Yet, he has a sense of humor, refusing to take himself too seriously. A self-proclaimed dork, Quis admits, “I like watching anime, I like eating cereal, I’m just a regular guy. I have no complex.” He possesses a calm and gentle demeanor that envelopes a conspicuous sense of self-confidence and frankness. These seemingly paradoxical sides of Quis combine organically into well-thought-out tracks, making it easy for listeners to follow along with Quis leading the journey.

Number Two: The Lyrics

Quis is in a league of his own with respect to his lyrical delivery and wit. He has a way with words, catching listeners by surprise and then leaving them wanting more. This is specifically true for the track “So Gone” which features his clever take on the “So Gone” freestyle challenge. Initially, it sounds like the typical rapper who glorifies himself while degrading someone else. Quis, however, is actually attacking a stereotype, specifically one that represents volatile, prodigal, gadget-crazed black men who have no direction in life, taking listeners on a detour for the better.

Number Three: The Sound

The Intro track to ‘Godis” is sure to make listeners scratch their foreheads, and then do some kind of celebratory dance. Getting listeners ready for the ride, their ears get to welcome the theme song of the “Cosby Show,” but that’s only the beginning! Quis keeps the ride comfortable and enjoyable by sampling from some of the best African American films and music from the 90’s. Moving effortlessly through what reminds music lovers of “Outkast” and Keith Murray’s “Most Beautifullest Thing in this World,” and Brandy’s “I Wanna be Down,” “Godis” makes listeners feel as though they can trust his sound because they have been listening for years.

Number Four: The Message

Throughout the journey, Quis expresses love, respect and acceptance for himself, for women and knowledge. He advocates this same awareness for everyone who chooses to listen to his music. Quis explains, “I want people to feel love for themselves and for others, along with awareness. I want people to think for themselves and not just accept what’s given to them. Having traveled along the journey of “Godis” it seems that those who choose to listen will understand that Quis appreciates women, uplifts men and challenges everyone. While the “Godis” journey is not one every listener will be willing to take, it's definitely worth the ride.

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