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Simply Amazing
3/15/2017 2:10:22 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

There are so many situations that occur in life until I'm astonished at all of the things that are appearing and have been flashing before my eyes and mind. They are so diversely spectacular in natural and "hue-manistic" occurrences until all I can say is that what I've witnessed and understood thus far is "Simply Amazing."

You see, I'm a profound lover of understanding what a beautiful world it is that we spiritually and naturally live in. Life is the universal instructors, and that also includes being taught the realizations that all of God Alone's fearing "hue-mans" are a part of that natural, divine equation, especially when peace and respect are displayed for all to see and feel.

Knowing that there's unequivocal beauty in being taught that everyone in creation has value when assessing and respecting the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of " hue-mankind," especially among all folks of color. I really believe in that illuminating understanding in spite of the subversive breakdowns between many of the world's ethnic and religious entities that exists to this present moment.

Even with all of the constant local, national and international displays of ungodly turmoils, irreverent hatreds and disdainful dogmatisms happening everywhere, The Most High Alone, in all of His Alone's mercy, still allows creation to exist. It's an amazing realistic display of what the Creator Alone has fashioned and sculptured for us, the living, by way of creation.

Please think about that for a stone cold moment in time without moving on to another theoretical thought. And, when you carefully scrutinize the spiritual symbolism behind this reality, I hope you know that you, me and everyone else in creation were created in a "Simply Amazing" manner by the Master Alone's creation.

"Life is something else" is about the best and only way I can describe the living process to you. It is most definitely a fantastically rotating diurnal battle zone of sort for the uninitiated among us. Life is an everyday challenge.

No matter what you have to deal with, even if it's being described as physical, spiritual or mental, "life is what it is." No one can deny that because the living process is the "real" reality show for each and everyone of us who are alive in this phase of existence.

So, stay focused on the now.

Every moment that you're alive in the living process, it's always "lights, camera and action" without calculated retakes because each moment could be your last one. There's no guaranteed next one, and that's why I'm always reminding myself, just as I'm reminding you now that it's "Simply Amazing" to be in the here and now. Never forget that.

Just that recognition alone shouldn't be stupefying to the God Alone spirituality aware and religiously grounded ethnic "colored" folk of " hue-manity." It should be a no-brainer to all of these folk, including me and you, so don't get lost in nonchalant, hopeless pessimistically thinking modes as many of today's ethnic folk sometimes do.

In my view, and respecting all the diverse beings and other opinionated souls of the universe, "life is an amazing experience to behold." To be a part of that experience is "simply staggering," which, at times, may still be still a startling phenomena for some folk to comprehend or describe in mere words.

From the birth of a precious newborn to the appearance of a new moon to the snow fall of winter, e.g., I try not to take anything for granted. Life in all of its unfolding and arresting scenarios is "Simply Amazing," and for that cognition I must wholeheartedly utter, "All Praises are due to the Creator Alone."

The living experience, in all instances, is accurately and "amazingly" what it is for everyone, including the bumpy and rocky arenas of life that sometimes may creep into our individualistic worlds of existences, testing us to the max. Life's ordeals, trials, happenings and experiences are continuous, and they are placed in our lives telling us to never look back at what we've lost, because (maybe, if we do) we'll never discover the real treasures that are ahead for us going forward.

"Life is truly a test." For all of that which I've been able to see and experience by observing the wonders of and trials from the Most High Alone, I can truly say that I have been blessed. Can you say the same? I hope so.

In knowing that undisputed fact that everything and everyone in existence was "created" and will be tested by God Alone, I'm obliged to give the God Alone the absolute glory, honor and praises. When you do also, you signify that God Alone is "so amazing," unlike any other.

As I travel about in my own personal worlds of existences, I unfortunately sense that there are many created abstract minded souls who do not recognize that reality. Sadly, because of this neglect, society-at-large is at a loss in enjoying the simple things of life, which are so amazing and wondrous to behold. Life is amazing if you view it.

In today's chaotic and very robotized world, I think that many of these abstract minded souls and others may miss out on the natural realities from God Alone that may help them make it peacefully through some of the troubled waters in their lives. I hope that doesn't sound too amateurish for your present mental and spiritual contemplations.

Sometimes talking to and about "the real" anything can be a cultural difficulty for some ethnic folk to comprehend. I hope that doesn't include you because to be able to respectfully communicate with one another is another sign in life that's "Simply Amazing" if you ask me.

That stunning, communicable essence is a breathtaking quality that is missing in many ethnic "hue-man" beings from every culture today. If you doubt that, just look at all of the familial, racial, political and religious tensions that exists globally, simply because there's no peaceful respect of one entity towards another taking place. Think!

For instance, take a closer look at the divisive slogans of some of the world's political leaders and religious factions as they falsely proclaim a mutual respect for all. 

Unfortunately, again, it's so shamefully prevalent that it's not hard to figure out what's secretly going on behind the scenes in many of these cunning global hot zones where twisted, racist political creeds and iconic, good old boy grottoes of supremacist elitisms still exist in the world. What amazing about that?

It's good to be able to know the truth about the realities and fabrications of life, but it's even more accepting to do something about it.

When you comprehend that, then you can move forward with respect for life in general, one's self in particular and others on a whole, while exclaiming and knowing that "Simply Amazing" has uplifting value in the "real" educational sense of using this motto. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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