Thursday, June 8, 2017  
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Life is an Obstacle Course
3/8/2017 1:54:27 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

I'm sitting down thinking about where I want to go with my next flow for this week's article. Something has been on my mind for the last two days after listening to some spirited "colored" folk complain about some of the troubles in their lives.

Their views and concerns were tossed my way because I knew one of the conversant complaining souls, and he asked me how I felt about the subject. What I'm going to say now is not an indictment of him or them, but rather an opinion of what I simply think is a malaise, or absence, in "hue-man" cognitive processing. Life is a test.

It seems as though I've been thinking about how some ethnic "hue-mans," when faced with hard times, or difficult arenas in life, seem to want to give up and complain about this or that. I guess it's so commonplace in societal discussion until most ethnic folk just react that way because misery loves company as the old Southern folk of yesteryears used to say.

As I'm thinking about this topic as I type today's piece, I feel obliged to bring what's on my mental thinking plate forward and share some introspective insight into not giving up when perilous times approach. Now, that's a timely topic if there ever was one to address.

First, let me say that I know that in so many norms today everyone is different to some degree or the other, and he/she may look at, or view, situations differently, especially the unwelcome and unpleasant ones. With that being a probable certainty, and with life being a divinely predictable and constantly challenging experience, I still believe that the living experience is a testing ground to make each and everyone of us stronger in order for us to be able to deal with the next obstacle that will surely come our way.

Life is like that. The living experience is what is and no one, and I do mean no one, will escape the trials of life, a point I tried to share with the aforementioned two guys who were complaining about the unwanted, developing sagas in their own individualistic worlds of existences.

Listen carefully. No matter who you are or what you identify with, or as, and as long as you're breathing, you're going to be tested, or challenged, by something or someone in this life. That's a definite fact, and you can take that to the bank and get dividends big time.

The living process is an equal opportunity challenger for all created ethnic souls of "hue-manity," with no biases included. Everyone has to endure the tests of life. Understanding this makes it easier to comprehend that everyone has, or will have, his or her challenges to face in order to keep sanity in their minds a priority.

Some "colored" folk make these challenges insurmountable obstacles in their mindsets. Label them however you choose to, but I've lived long enough to know that "Life is an Obstacle Course" in so many, many ways. Do you catch on to that realistic flow, or are you living in a different reality time zone?

I hope that you're sensible enough not to deny that the living process in all of its unique facets is full of the unpredictable predictable and vice versa. And, in between those varying norms, all of these present day provocations, what many deem as hurdles and barriers, are, to some, like inconvenient land mines placed in their mental and spiritual pathways, hindering them from being happy and stress free.

The two complaining gentleman, I believe may have been under that illusion, thinking that they weren't going to be tested by the confrontational arenas in their worlds of existences. Sadly, many folk forget that life in this phase of existence from birth to death is struggle in so many realms.

No, the living experience is serious business because each moment is so very, very precious, and it's not to be taken for granted. I think that some of the lost, forgetful and abstract minded among ethnic "hue-manity" forget that much to their own detriment. I hope that you're not like that as you flow through your God Alone extended and blessed journeys through life going forward.

God Alone tests us with a divine purpose to its placements. Life is is the ultimate experience given to us by the Most High Alone, and there definitely are going to be some unexpected peaks and unforeseeable valleys along the highways and byways of living.

"Life is what it is." That's why knowing that life's tribulations are no more than obstacles in our illusory sojourns to here and there. We need to steadfastly relish with profound spiritual humbleness what it truly means to walk with faith and not by sight.

I can't speak for you, but I've made so many errors in my life's walk until I can't recall them with pride. And on the other side of some of my junkets, there's so much I wish that I could go back and correct because of my spoken miscalculations, and I never got the opportunities to offer my apologies for being so negative and uncaring.

Like I said before, "life is what it is." I attempted to transmit that to the two complaining souls as I'm now relaying same to you now. I'd like to remind you, if you didn't already know, that you can overcome any obstacle in life if you're patently persevering in keeping the faith.

Hopefully, all this is optimistically done knowing that, e.g., you know that the pains of having lost a love that wasn't to be and having experienced bitter betrayals firsthand should have taught you a little something about overcoming some of life's unpredictable obstacles. The living is a continuous and wondrous test.

"Life is what it is." A wise soul understands that all of life's experiences don't necessarily have to meet at the corners of reality and fantasy with warm embraces. Again, some things that happen in the expeditions of life are what they are, and that says much to the spiritually enlightened souls of the universe. Are you one of them?

I trust that you are, so I suggest that you take the time to assess that the Creator Alone tests us each and every second of every waking day. Somehow, I sense that if you do, you'll know that your life and all of its ordeals faced thus far are only preparing you for all of the present and future obstacles ahead. So, don't give up or lose your grip on understanding that God Alone is in control of everything.

I believe that, and I've come to learn that the Creator Alone never, ever makes an error in what He (alone) does, including the obstacles He (alone) places in our pathways. I told the two complaining souls that their obstacles were mere stepping stairs to the next situation that comes their way, so don't complain. "Let go and let God 'TCB.' "

That message applies to me and you also. There's no obstacle in your path that God Alone can't destroy. Be strong of faith and you'll see what the Most High Alone will do for you, and for today, that's, "As I See It. "

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