Thursday, June 8, 2017  
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Protect Your Glories
3/1/2017 3:26:19 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Today's rap is about something my late mother used to tell me when I was growing up and being tested by the constant ordeals of life. I think you may get some uplifting from what she used to say to me in her quiet Southern way of teaching me about the trials of life.

First, let me set the scenario why I'm on this point now. I've been tested recently with some very pressing, difficult arenas in my own worlds of experiences, and I felt that I needed to step back, regroup mentally and then move forward spiritually in tackling what was before me. Are you like that in assessing how to handle the unexpected tests and unsavory moments that come your way? Or are you a denier that life is a perpetual and serious testing ground for both the self-professed righteous and avowed sinner alike among us?

In any case, I have to be straightforward with you in relating that I believe that every ethnic "hue-man" of color, in every nation, goes through the trials of life each and every second of every day. Understanding that helps me know that each test is a wonderful sign from God Alone in strengthening one's faith, if only he or she comprehended it. My mother knew and understood that with the sagacious gentility of a truly faithful servant of the Most High Alone. She was an honored schoolteacher by vocation, but she was a spirituality enlightened motivator by creation.

Whenever I was troubled or had something that was obviously bothering me, she would tell me to "smile and don't let the devil steal my 'glory'." She said it takes a real soldier of God to endure life's tests and keep rolling along because the Creator had a master plan in testing everyone. Think about that.

At first, I never really quite fully understood what she was alluding to until later in my life. And when I did, I can honestly say that I began to ease my way into grasping "the comfort zones" of being less stressful about the things in my life that I can and cannot change in my worlds of existences.

My mother would tell me that one can't control what certain people think or say. She would also relate that those "comfort zones" were, in actuality, maintaining the contentments of my mind and thoughts. Mom, with her vintage blessed upbringing and spiritual wisdom, would describe those contented realities to me as one's "glories."

She also said that one's "glories" were like having inborn disciplines of the mind and soul (that only comes from God), and that no one should ever give them up to another individual's opinion of one's self or to a situation that occurs in life's daily battles that tests any individual to the utmost. That reasoning forever resonates within me whenever I face life's tests, especially like the ones presently facing me now. I'm being real when I talk to you about handling the inconsistencies of life that may come your, my and others' way. Like you, we're all facing difficulties galore, but all this occurs on God Alone's ever-panoramic watch.

My mother would instruct me in the power of God's watchful eye and about smiling at life's unpleasant and unwanted arenas with courage and faith. She always seemed to emphasize being steadfast during life's storms because she would say that "Protecting My Glory" was all that I had, and it was having "real faith in God," which should be the very essence of my real character when facing the trials and tests of life.

Somehow, many decades after her passing in the mid '80's, I'm still holding onto her lessons about "Protecting My Glory." I hope that you know where I'm coming from because life experiences can be monumental mind blowers for some ethnic "colored" folk to handle. Some of these folk may get so upset, fearful and succumb to a hopeless sense of depression. Regretfully, when that happens, they also lose sight of what really is happening in their lives by divine order.

Life is an examination. My mother would say that all the tribulations of life, no matter how they appear, are merely tests and trials from the Most High to prepare us for something else better to come in the future. She would say resolutely, "My son, smile through your pains and don't fret over your past heartaches, because the sun will always shine brightly when you don't let anyone or anything steal your present glory."

I know that life can be interpreted as a cruel teacher by some folk, but it still is what it is. That's the divine order of things by God's permission as my mother was always referring to in assessing the arenas of life that occur, including those that appear out of nowhere. Life is a tsunami of tests at times.

She said that to be able to be a real soldier in life's journeys one should always be mindful that God knows what's going on at all times. Mom, the ever-faithful being that she was, reiterated to me that if one is truly for and about God's righteous causes, one's "glories" must always be protected.

Those "glories" are constantly being tested, and I'm now going to refer to something else she told me. "Never let anyone, or anything, steal your thunder (glory)" was another way she would subtly let me know that I must always keep the faith in understanding God's wisdom when He (Alone) places taxing things and contrary souls in my paths as I trek through life's infinite excursions.

The spiritually aware and faithfully strong "colored" folk of yesteryears' "hue-manity," from every culture, knew, understood and possessed so much wisdom and strength in God until you can see why they were able to overcome, e.g., the systematic pains of racism and the heartaches of political bigotries. Those were only some of the issues my mother, other African-Americans and various oppressed minorities had to deal with along with life's commonplace ordeals and dilemmas. Life is a struggle to the end.

If you're of color and living in the chameleon worlds of today's twisted political hijinks, you already know that your invisible "glories" and vanishing sanity are being tested big time. "Life is what it is" in more ways than one.

And keeping the real faith, or "glory," amidst life's sorted trials, tests, ordeals and dilemmas is an absolute obsession. This is a constant vigil, and that's why my mother's timely reminder about "Protecting My Glory" weighs heavily in my thoughts and heart. I hope that it does resonate within you because I'd hate to think that in life's difficult moments you forget to remember that you're not alone. Everything happens for a reason.

Smile knowingly that God Alone is greater than everything and everyone. Let God Alone handle your burdens and always "Protect Your Glories." Mom would be proud of you. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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