Thursday, June 8, 2017  
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America, We Have A Problem!
2/1/2017 1:22:15 PM

By Beverly Gadson-Birch 

It was back during the unsuccessful Apollo 13 moon mission that Jack Swigert uttered these famous words “Houston, we’ve had a problem here”. Then somewhere along the lines, one of the most often quotes was turned into “Houston, we have a problem”. Well, America, you thought you had a problem (in the past tense) with former President Barak Obama, what say you now in the present tense?

Now that you have Mr. Trump, you know what a problem really is. I am sure what you thought was a problem is looking pretty good to you right about now. And if the truth be told, the only problem with the outgoing president was the color of his skin. Some folks just couldn’t see pass the color of his skin. There is no such thing as a “perfect” President. We have yet to form a “perfect union” which the Constitution addresses.

As Americans, we do expect some hits and misses from our elected officials but more hits than misses. As in the Preamble to the United States Constitution, Presidents are elected to carry out the mandates of America’s founding fathers to “establish a more “perfect union, “establish justice”, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

When broken down, “perfect union” is bringing people together, “justice” is fairness, “domestic tranquility” means to establish peace within our borders, “common defense” means protecting citizens against foreign attacks, “promote the general welfare”, means in the best interest of the people, i.e., providing access to affordable healthcare, education, housing, jobs, etc, and to secure the “blessings of liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” means to protect the rights and freedom of future generations. At least that’s my interpretation of the Preamble.

It goes without saying that many of the folks that have taken to the streets to decry some of President Trump’s appointees and immigration bans are some of the same folks that voted him into office. And if you are wearing one of your proud “I didn’t vote banner” talking about you didn’t vote for either Trump or Clinton, then your “no vote” was a sure vote for Trump. One of my favorite sayings is “you git what you git.” Translated, the phase means nothing from nothing leaves nothing. If you lay down with fleabags, you wake up with fleas. Simple!!

America, we have a problem. “Have” is present tense; and, the only way to make the present administration, past tense, is to continue the street protests. We had a good President but no, he wasn’t good enough. We allowed others to beat him down without uttering a word in his defense.

Now, we have a hot head with a kiddy temperament in the White House and that’s a bad combination. Kiddies like to play with toys and I sure hope President Trump doesn’t think the “red button” in the White House is a toy.

Kudos go out to acting Attorney General Sally Yates, Former President Obama’s appointee, for “refusing to enforce a legal order” by Trump on immigrants entering the United States. It was a bold move by President Trump to make good on his campaign promise to block immigrants coming into the US. Trump’s executive order bans seven Muslim-majority countries from the United States for the next 90 days, prevents all refugees from entering the country for the next 120 days and suspends Syrian refugee program indefinitely.

Many Democrats have refused to be party to Mr. Trump’s immigration migration. Even some fair minded Republicans have spoken out “softly” against Mr. Trump’s absurd and divisive bans. Then there are those that sit on the sidelines with their lips zipped so they can keep their jobs. Shame on you spineless whimps!

You have gotten so comfortable with your big paychecks and benefits that you have lost your principles. Now, here is the problem with building up walls. Walls are expensive. They not only keep folks out but they keep folks in. Mr. Trump wants to build a wall to keep the Hispanics from entering the country illegally. I wonder how many illegal immigrants he has working for him. Unless God has made some other people I don’t know about, where will workers come from to expand the American work force?

I don’t know who has been advising Mr. President, but there aren’t too many people left that are willing to do slave labor anymore. I know for one, y’all can count black folk out. Y’all ‘scuse me, but we ain’t about to go back into nobody’s field. We ain’t picking nothing—no cotton, no tobacco, no tomato, no potato, no nothin’. We ain’t cookin’. Now, y’all run and tell Trump dat.

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