Thursday, June 8, 2017  
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Being Positive in a Negative Space
2/1/2017 1:05:07 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Today, I’m going to talk about a persistent inquiry for some ethnically “colored” souls in society-at-large. Of course, that includes each and everyone of us in “hue-manity.”

This intriguing topic was suggested to me to possibly write about by a lady who regularly reads “The Charleston Chronicle,” which she gets from her church every Sunday. She felt that it was worthy of discussion because she felt that many folk in her own family and religious arenas were obsessed with negativity.

This lady, being a devout Christian, touched on a real dilemma that I believe affects us all of all lifestyles and religious persuasions, including those who profess no spiritual directions or religious leanings. The topic that bothered this lady was about negativity and its rise among “The American People.”

Negativity is apparently everywhere in America from the idyllic corridors of New England to the religious gathering circles of the Bible Belt South to the La La Land of the West to the omnipresent political diatribes of Washington, D. C. to, well, just about everywhere, if you catch my drift. It’s in the political and religious airwaves like crazy and some folk are sick and tired of its frightful odor.

Everywhere you turn, look or listen, there seems to be a daily pessimistic this or gloomy that being said or done that’s going on in the minds, hearts and souls of so many of “The American People” until it isn’t funny in the least. All this has left some concerned ethnic “colored” folk wondering when it is going to end, if it ever will.

It seems that the obvious lack of respect for another’s culture, beliefs, heritage and ethnicity, among other particulars, divides Americans from understanding each other. This is widespread in many sectors of the “The American People’s” private worlds of existences, and it also keeps a lot of folk nationwide from realizing that this country is a big salad bowl of a nation.

Sometimes, I wonder just, “Who are ‘The American People’ in the first place?” The “his-storical” America that I know and was taught about always was and has been multi-cultural, with ethnicities from many different countries, possessing diverse religious beliefs and traditions, and it more than likely will, hopefully, be that way forever by the grace of God Alone. We should never forget that.

I related this to my Christian sister in no uncertain terms, expressing that I believe that negativity is a bad feeling that many people feel about themselves, and they turn that inner despair towards others, maybe, not even knowing what they’re doing or telling their subconscious thoughts. “Thoughts are synonymous to actions.” I firmly believe that fatalism, gone and taken to the extreme, leads to nothing positively happening in life.

That’s a topic of much concerned for all of us to give a patriotic ear to because we live in a very much divided space called America today. Talks of overt political callousness, insensitivity to immigrants and divisive prejudicial actions towards certain ethnic folk because of their religion, ethnicity, skin color and social status is becoming more and more covert as the nation and world is becoming more clandestinely dismissively opinionated.

You can’t legislate respect, honor and love as equal citizens for all if the political leaders (themselves) operate behind the sinister shadows of hypocrisy, elitism, bigotry and one sided ethnic supremacy.

The same rule of “telling it like it is” applies to all American ethnicities in all spheres of their life, and that includes their and your family members, religious brothers and sisters in whatever they and you believe in and, of course, their and your selected, oops, I mean, your and their elected political leaders.

Living in a God Alone space called today’s existence is something to treasure, and it especially deals with being positive when things are happening around us which may not go the way we want them to. Life presents an ever-unfolding self-check scenario that is, oftentimes, a real challenge for a great part of Americans and the world’s populace-at-large.

Again, I related that to the Christian lady. I told her that I look at life in my advancing years a lot more spiritually than I did in years past. This senior experience has taught me that it seems as though, with each new day that arises, I find so much to be thankful for instead of pursuing negative thoughts or being around contrary souls.

I have to do that in my mind’s eye because there’s always going to be cynical folk in existence. That’s just the way that it is, but I don’t have to let those conflicting souls, with all their abysmal defeatism, consume my present mindset if I don’t want them to.
Knowing this as a certain reality, I tend to invoke a subliminal mental spiritual mantra that tells me negativity thinking, in any format, is just something that I don’t need in my life. I seek to be positive minded as best that I can in this present space that I’m in. That’s my choice, and I can live with that decision. Can you say the same?

Remaining positive in any disturbing and unpleasant situation(s) in the living process is a committed work of art that demands activating a tough inner spiritual discipline when trying to cope in difficult moments. Life is a test, and I’m sure you’ve been there a time or two, or maybe three, yourself.

“Being Positive in A Negative Space” are my personal thoughts to the Christian lady’s request of me, but I believe that it may appeal to you also as you travel from here to there in your individual worlds of existences. You can only do the best that you can do and no more.

Living in the worlds of many of today’s antipathetic occurrences that some others feel and possess will always present difficult tests for all of us, no matter your gender, nationality, sex, ethnicity or financial disposition. Life’s trials abound around every nook and cranny of life without fail, but please remember that some folk are just negative for no evidently sound or clearly sensible reason. They are who they are—case closed.

In short, this precious space that you’re in now as you read this article must be safely guarded just like the way you protect your home, automobile or personal identity. Don’t let the negative hackers of your potential peaceful mindset do it with their negativities.

I believe that if you let someone steal your real identity and peace of mind as being a spiritually independent soul, only fearing the Creator Alone, then it’s all on you. Being who you are requires spiritual discipline in being able to handle the ups and downs of life, even when they present themselves in the forms of negative folk and their own critical hang-ups about this and that.

In closing, I say pronouncedly, let them be who they are and you be who you are. “To each, his own.” Do you get it? The power of positive thinking is more than just a windowless aspiration. Remain positive in the space that you’re in, and remember “to thine own self, one should (and must) be forever steadfast and true.” That is the straight path. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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