Saturday, January 28, 2017  
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Where Do We Go From Here?
1/18/2017 2:53:56 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

There's a new political regime getting ready to ascend to national legislative power in our country. Many inquisitive folk, especially those who are of color, are wondering will it bring any substantial change for the better in their lives and communities.

As the country enters into a new arena of political administrative intrigue, things are changing before our very eyes. Some are even wondering out loud, "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Many astute and politically savvy "hue-mans" are optimistically looking for and expecting great things. On the other side of the political landscape, there are countless unhappy folk in the nation who feel that they and their causes will be trashed without the slightest concern given to them by the new powers to be.

It's going to be interesting. From quantum concerns about health care coverage to employment for some, and none for others, to contentious and suspicious foreign policies being revamped or engaged, e.g., the nation is on the edge of its seat waiting to see "Where Do We Go From Here?"

That's a key potentially imploding point of concern if you're a true member of "The American People" clique. Believe me when I tell you, if you didn't already know it, but things are going to be very enthralling going forth, and no one seems to know what the end results will be. Many thinking ethnic folk in America feel that it appears that the elite and rich, in abundance, will continue to prosper, and the overwhelmingly less fortunate are in store for more invariable hard times. As the nation's already divided populace borders on more groundbreaking divisiveness, there's a resounding noise in the distant air echoing "Where Do We Go From Here?"

That's the prevailing question because this is not the usual kind of political operational team assuming the reigns of running the country. The incoming administration markedly has vowed to not run the nation like before, and that manifest dictate is something that says much to many diversely concerned and ever-aware ethnicities, politicos and ordinary "colored" folk of the nation.

Again, I sense that it's going to be quite an intriguing adventure as the country now deals with the dangerous rise of White supremacy sparring with likes of the Black Lives Matter movement for the attention of their respective masses' attention. Along with climate control, escalating crime in the inner cities, housing inadequacies and qualms about decent beginning wage entitlement concerns for the average workers, the nation anxiously awaits to see "Where Do We Go From Here?"

In many disillusioned political circles, the question is a decidedly dubious negatively and doubtful response because the agendas of the incoming powers appear to be likened to the same "good old boy" political platforms of the conservative past. If you're of color, just think about that if you dare. Hmm.

I have and I hope that you do. In other words, for the aware politically sensitive ethnicities of this country among us, it's seems like more of the same old apparent political lip service, with no real relief action(s) in remedying the ills of the nation's multi-ethnic and diverse "colored" population. Are you with me on that realistic "his-storical" flow, knowing that the national pastime game of American politics is front and center on minds of the world's masses? Don't forget that in every edition of the world's newspapers and in the global internet communities, everyone seems to be drawn to this unfolding scenario waiting to see "Where Do We Go From Here?

That includes all those who are watching to see what the nominated and soon-to-be incoming heads of the various governmental agencies, selected by the incoming leader of the free world and his team, will do. The nation, from north to south, stands in waiting to what is going to happen as issues like education, welfare, housing and civil rights, in particular, become mounting points of concern for the new administration to immediately address.

As a representative of people of color and living under the "his-storic" bald eagle's political wing span from east to west, I have to stop and think for a serious moment in time, as you should too. I am reminded of and reflectively think of the egregious "his-story" of this country's treatment of and towards its minority communities with horror and shame. "Where Do We Go From Here?"

I'm thinking of that knowing that it's a constant reminder from the Indians to the enslaved Africans that the fake political promises of equality for all loans poignancy to the question "Where Do We Go From Here?" Some deny that America is in a terrible dilemma that has to be dealt with from all corridors of its "his-story," both past and present. I love my country and so should you, but we must face reality like I'm attempting to do. Oftentimes, the failed fulfillment of all those political pre election vows and promises over the centuries weigh heavily on my mind with continued doubt and concern. They should be in your mental zones also.

Listen! I know that "politics is a game of constant trickery and slight of mouth deceptions" in so many norms until I don't know that if I can say all of that, you may call me poetically incorrect by using that term. "It is what is it is," and many pundits say that it's a "his-storical' nomenclature unto itself. No matter whether it's operating in your face televised commercials or from behind closed country club doors of aristocracy, the elite political machine, sometimes, operates only for a certain group of folk. You may not want to hear that, but let's wait and see if that continued reality does bear fruit.

I also regretfully know that in many ways, America is very much a divided nation when it comes to the area of race and equality concerns. I, nor you if you're of color, don't live in a bubble of flowering political words and dreamlike fantasies. Sadly, race, in many ways, still divides our nation.Racism, or White supremacy, does exist in the hearts and minds of "some" of "The American People." Call it by whatever name you chose, but the truth of political bigotry is, unfortunately, a stark and ominous reality in this nation that demands an answer from this administration to the piercing question, "Where Do We Go From Here?”

Enough said for now. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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