Saturday, January 28, 2017  
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A New Beginning
1/4/2017 1:01:19 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Well, the new Gregorian year is now officially in, and I was wondering if you had started fulfilling your most recent resolutions, promises and vows for this year. I trust that you have and are, hopefully, going to carry through with the others that you've made.

That brings me to today's surrealism concerning stated wishes, promises, vows, and the like. We all seem to make them, but in most instances, we never quite seem to get around to putting said wishful resolutions into actions. No one is exempt and, in every "hue-man's" case, I believe that there's room for progress in many ways. Very few of us come without shortcomings or hang ups to some degree, including me.

Accepting this as a monumental given, then each additional moment in time and space should yield another opportunity to improve on or to make one's lot in life positively better. In the living experiences we are all challenged to become better in the next moment.

Life is like that because each new moment symbolizes the launching of "A New Beginning," a fresh effort, in order to overcome the hardships in one's life. No one, and I do mean no one, is given a free pass from being tested or tried by God Alone.

Never forget that because, if you do, you'll hinder the possibility of a grand redevelopment of the real you. I say that knowing full well that life's journeys are also filled with heartaches and disappointments lurking around every nook and cranny of existence.

From betrayals to lost loves, etc., they're all parts of the master testing plans from God Alone to make you, me and everyone else better. You name it, they're all parts of the Master's plan for all of us, even though we may not be able to comprehend it at this (or that) moment during our journeys from here to there and back again. Life is struggle.

What some view as disappointments in the here and now, I call lessons in learning because life's episodes are things that teach you and me so much about ourselves and others. It's happening all around us, all the time, and understanding this scenario helps us know that these inadvertent and displeasing experiences are some of the very best past and present helpful teaching tools we could ever ask for if we remain patient during our trials.

I say frequently that "life is what is" inferring, in many ways, that I, e.g., can't, nor do I desire to, change some "hue-mans” mindsets, but I can only change my own, if I so desire. It requires discipline and relentless work on my part because I know that I'm a self-professed work-in-progress. Are you?

Every created soul is tested in so many untold ways until you don't where to start. Living impatiently in the here and now can lead to an arduous pursuit of abstract happiness without rewards for spiritually disconnected souls.

While you think about that, I feel that I have to connect to the "sole" source of all creation in identifying a way out of the malaises of my own personal life's complexities and trying voyages because without doing so, I'd be lost while trying to find relief. I, oftentimes, find myself saying silently with fervent belief that "this too shall pass."

"This too shall pass" is a spiritually powerful motto, if understood properly. It represents rebirth in my submissive heart and soul, and it truly signifies "A New Beginning" because I firmly believe that the Creator Alone is greater than everything, including the trials of life. I know that all things can be accomplished and achieved with the Most High Alone's help, aid and assistance. That's the only way to look at life's trials, ordeals, disappointments, difficulties and tests while searching for answers and solutions to problems and dilemmas with spiritual clarity.

Everything happens for a reason, so you must know that God Alone is in complete charge of all affairs. Knowing and believing this always keeps me sharp with "A New Beginning" as my soul seeks inner peace.

Listen, we should also know that all the experiences in our lives are known to the Most High Alone. All of them, including many of the trying and complexed ones that were the results of our own stupid actions and erroneous thinking patterns were placed there by us. Think about it!

It took me a long time to grasp that connection personally, but when I did, it signaled a new course of mental and spiritual direction for my mind's eye because "thoughts are synonymous to actions." As you reread that phrase, please know that, sometimes, we're our own worst enemies. Hmm!

So, with that concept in mind, one should always remember that "as a "hue-man" thinketh, so does he or she becomes those thoughts." Does that make sense to you? It should.

I sure hope that it does because I believe that you and I are truly blessed "hue-man" beings, so there's no need for us to compare ourselves to others. You and I are unique, and we've got enough work to do "just" to keep our own house in order.

Yes, the new year is in. It, again, symbolizes in many varying norms that it's "A New Beginning." This is our time to bring new and good things into our lives' diurnal unfolding spheres.

We must make thinking positively one of our more treasured oaths to ourselves that we'll keep alive and well during today, this month and for the rest of the year. Each new moment in time and space is a gifted opportunity to humbly recognize the Creator Alone's existence and for you and me being granted another precious moment in it.

So, too, we must also solely thank God Alone for everything that comes our way, even the unwanted ordeals and trials. If they weren't there in our life's journeys or experiences, how or where would you begin to attempt making any possible positive changes in our lives?

"All New Beginnings" start with knowing that all things are possible with God Alone, so we have to embrace the mercies of the Creator Alone that have been handed to us.

Every new second, minute, hour and day is the time for "A New Beginning" to get busy, and to "TCB," because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Enough said.

For today and always, that's, " As I See It. "


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