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New Year's Vibes
12/28/2016 3:12:39 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Like summer's sunny days turning into autumn's falling leaves, the passing of another Gregorian year, segueing into another, signals many things to the different "colored" ethnicities' mind-sets scattered throughout he world. There's something distinct about starting over, or preparing, for better opportunities that are, hopefully, ahead in their futuristic New Year's outlooks.

Call it wishful thinking, but with each new emerging year's annual anticipated arrival, there also comes a spirited mental freshness in terms of extolling renewed hopes and greater prospects for improving one's lot in life. That is an important footnote in the celebration and observance of the New Year's Day activities to and for some diverse, or lack thereof, thinkers in "hue-manity."

I'm curious. Where's your head at around this time of the year concerning that aforementioned scenario as everyone else seems to be caught up into making New Year's promissory resolutions and intentioned vows? What are yours, if you dear share them with yourself? Think before you utter your "vibes." It's that important.

While you do, I'd like to remind you that from viewing the past, you and I (should) know that the majority of resolutions and vows will never see the light of fulfillment's day. Sadly, that's probably due to the lackadaisical reality behind the fact that most ethnic folk "rap" a good game, and that's apparently all that there is to their spoken dreams and desired utterances.

There's never any substance to a meaningless and uncommitted "rap" game, because "talk is cheap, but action speaks volumes," if you know what I mean. Being of color and very much aware of life's fragility, while living in the realistic world of ethnic survival, let's me know that I must not let my vows, resolutions and desires be aimless words and whimsical dreams like some others do. Life is a privilege unto itself.

Time is an affluent and a prosperous commodity, and I know that tomorrow isn't promised to any created being. That thought never, ever leaves my thinking "vibes," and I'm forever humbled to be here in the here and now giving only praises to the Most High Alone. I try not to take anything for granted. "As I See It," it’s now or never for me, you and all other aware-minded folk, of all classifications, to realize that "today" is the true beginning of "TCBing" of any conscious destined New Year, or day, activity. That's my "New Year's Vibe" to one and all, but with an ever-present reminder to you that you may not be around for "next" year's festivities because life is full of the unpredictable unimaginable, and no one knows when fate will strike. "Vibe" on that if you will.

I'm "vibing" on that sentiment now as I write. So, in reference to and in saying "TCB," I'm referring to taking care of business in handling and improving the internal affairs of ourselves, our families, our communities and the nation for the better. Those are some real "vibes," if you're of an aware mindset, to truly desire and aspire to fulfill. That's where my "New Year's Vibes" are headed in my thoughts presently, but my "vibes" are for each and every day, and not just for just a particular time of a seasonal year.

Do you understand the tenor of my vow and the bass of my proclamation? I pray that you do because, traditionally speaking, oppressed folk in this country can't wait until the end of the year to activate their souls to do things progressively positive in the future.
Most folk only silently whisper to themselves about bringing about affirmative changes in their lives, while others can't image that a spiritual change is very needed and necessary in their lives. That's been the missing essence of most "New Year's Vibes" in my experience of "his-storically" listening to and seeing what comes of some of those ballyhooed declarations in years past. Life is a trial.

It takes a faithful and believing soul in the Creator Alone to endure the hardships of life with strength and courage, knowing all along that "this too shall pass." I believe everyone in "hue-manity" needs to realize and visualize that with God Alone's help, their dreams and wishes do come into fruition. I realize that there are some abstract doubters, who are relentless mental wind surfers, better known as "wishlist skeptics." I also know that some others are merely indolent puppeteers living in a fantasy world of inanimate existence.

All sincere wishful "New Year's Vibes," or any day vows/resolutions by believes should initially be to get closer to God Alone in the coming moment, day or year, providing such mercies allowing them to be in the here and now and are gifted to them by the Creator Alone. The clever elders in the Afro-American communities of not-so-ancient yesteryears knew that was the first oath of any new beginning.

They also said with reverence that "All great expectations, backed with no efforts and belief in God, will yield few results." These respected griots of our culture knew the secrets behind getting what we wanted and needed to sustain our togetherness in so many norms. Somehow, if you carefully look at what advice the Afro-American, and other so-called minority community elders, offered and said back then with sagacity, you may be able to see why those communities-at-large, felt that unity was in the best interest of their collective betterments. That's what their "New Year's Vibes" really was all about.

Dr. W.E.B. DuBois once said "Men must not only know, they must act." And Frederick Douglass voiced,"It is not light that is needed, it's fire." Those are everyday "vibes" to the wise soul.

I also offer that "thoughts are truly synonymous to actions." With all these thoughtful reminders in my "vibes," I wish you a very happy new day, with love and peace, as you begin your "New Year's Vibes." That extends for now and forever and, that's, "As I See It."

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