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Giving Thanks Forever
11/22/2016 3:43:21 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

It's that annual time of the year in this country where "The American People" gather together to celebrate what is called Thanksgiving Day.

It's usually an occasion for genuine camaraderie and heartfelt good vibes between family members and dear friends to celebrate this day centered around the traditional eating of the ballyhooed Thanksgiving Day dinner.

 I'm reminded once again to always thank God Alone for allowing anyone's family unit and friends for being able to come together one more time.
It's a wonderful time to see so many of this country's unique ethnic folk mixtures celebrating and being brought together with a natural flow of mutual love and "hue-manistic" respect for all.

Not disturbing that unity vibe for all, I'd like to think of any occasion where families, especially Afro-Americans, get together in spiritual peace, healthy welfare and loving harmony as everyday positive signs of goodwill where those occasions serve as sweet happenings for everyone to cherish and appreciate. In my head, heart and soul, any coming together day like those are and should be looked upon as Thanksgiving Days.

You see, I'm in that spiritual recognition mood, realizing, even more so now, because the life of today is becoming so precious and tenuous, constantly offering glaring opportunities for us to self-check ourselves with spiritual remembrances that are of and are due to our Creator Alone.

That's why I know and have to praise and thank the Most High Alone for seeing another American November annual celebration day called Thanksgiving Day.

I ask politely of you, "Do you?" I'd like to think that you do, and knowing this, no matter who are or where you come from in the bald eagle's landscape, you're able to be a part of this splendid festivity, and that you've been blessed to experience it, hopefully, with reverential regard and humble joy.

To me, when you recognize the spiritual deeper meaning of any (true) Thanksgiving observance, minus the standard in your face outer trappings, you should know that it's about a higher "Giving Thanks Forever" sentiment. Unfortunately, I think that some benighted folk in our nation don't know what the true and real meaning of what Thanksgiving is "his-storically" all about.

Listen! Whenever I think of giving thanks in any specified format, I think first always of praising the Creator Alone for every single moment that I'm alive in the here and now. It's a timely moment in an ever-aware current time mode for me to know that the fragility of life is not always an acknowledged given, especially in these days of magnified unpredictable chaos and high alert unexpected turmoil.

Admitting this as a given, I have to give thanks to God Alone, and being a sensitive spiritual realist, I also am reminded of how many families are now missing loved ones who were with them last year. Sadly, those cherished souls are not here for this year's turkey dinner, treats and other holiday festivities.

Think! Life is nothing to take for granted, so we must, in my candid opinion, never, ever give up thanking the Creator Alone of all for just allowing us to be here in the here and now. That's why "Giving Thanks Forever" weighs heavily in my mind and soul.
I know that Thanksgiving Day has become symbolic with family, giving and sharing in many views of looking at the enormity of this captivating holiday.

That concept, has me joining in on the bandwagon of those who know that this Thanksgiving Day is very special, and that all the other days of the year are also ones for always "Giving Thanks Forever." Are you with me?

America is blessed in so many, many ways, and if you're in a healthy comfortable space with a secure, caring family base and loving friends, I'm happy for you.

But I would be remiss on this day of national remembrance of giving and sharing thankfulness to God to not mention to you about not forgetting about the numerous homeless, impoverished and other less fortunate ethnic "colored" souls who also makeup
"The American People" populace. Please don't forget them.

I am not forgetting them, and I wonder how many of them are counted, or thought of, when the celebratory turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce are devoured across this most-fortunate land of plenty for some we called America. I hope that you recall that there are many in this country who are without in so many ways, and they must not be deserted in our prayers, thoughts and actions to aid them in their hard times and moments of desperations.

Also, as our now-turbulent political nation, according to many liberal pundits, is suffering from undercover bigotry and imploding disunity, we all need to do right by and honor the Commandments of God Alone in fairly dealing with everyone in this land. That may require of some of us to forfeit our politically insensitive and bombastically biased egos and humble ourselves before the Creator Alone of life and death while "Forever Giving Thanks."

During this imposing Thanksgiving Day occasion of "Forever Giving Thanks," let's add to do this by universally respecting the rights and dignities of all of the so-called "The American People." Don't forget that this too includes all the various neglected, underrepresented "colored" ethnic entities and misrepresented religious minorities in our land. Think once more.

This message is for all of us to comprehend including some national conservative politicos, who may need to know that clandestine discriminations and racism are in no ways representative of "Giving Thanks Forever" to the Creator Alone of everyone on this Thanksgiving Day occasion, or at any other time. Can I get an "Amen" to that?

Sincerely, I wish you and all of those who are near and dear to you in your worlds of existences a very joyous and Happy Thanksgiving Day.

For this Thanksgiving Day, and to all the others that are to come to you, by the Creator Alone's permission, always "Give Thanks Forever," and that's,"As I See It."

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Submitted By: TED Submitted: 11/26/2016

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