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And Now What?
11/9/2016 3:22:27 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali   

The political elections, including the big one, are now over, and I'm sitting here wondering after all the polarizing debates and heated verbal skirmishes, what's really going to happen for the betterment of "The American People," including the nation's people of color. Have you thought about it?
That's an intense and scrutinizing question to surround any of aware America's ethnic "colored" souls' inquisitive mindsets, especially after what has been, to say the least in some of the political races, disgusting, unbelievable and contrary examples of campaigning. Call it today's nouveau "poly-tricks" on steroids, or whatever, but this has been some political year.
And now that the inauspicious dramas, suspenses and chicaneries are finally over, I pose the forbidding question, "And Now What?" I believe that that levitating inquiry is pressing to many concerned American ethnic folk because I believe, again, that they may wonder after the post-election results, what will these elected folk really, really do for their communities, municipalities, states and the country-at-large? 
I guess you can say that I'm a little pessimistic about the world of "poly-tricks," and you're probably correct. I'm in that guarded mentality because, after seeing how some "poly-tricksians," not all, operate after being voted into their respective offices over the years, I've come to the conclusion that many of these tricksters do not  fulfill their stated oaths and promises.
It has happened so often over the fifty years that I've been screening politics and observing politicians, until it never fails with these gamers, and in my view, that the majority of these gaming "poly-trickstians" almost never, if ever, carry out what they say, or said, they are, or were, going to do. 

All the political hype and fantasy predictions that occupied the airwaves with incessant promises from many of these gamers seemed to fade away like an invisible recall about an unfavorable dream.
I know that there are some honorable politicians, so don't get me wrong, because I'd like to I believe in a political process that really is about solving issues and developing equal opportunities for all, but only when it works for all concerned. That probably, by its loose inference, is an annoying problem unto itself because most so-called minority folk, for example, are systematically always left holding the bag if you know what I mean. What's new?
As a consciously aware thinking brother of color, I'm constantly challenging my inner optimistic self with quandaries about this and that and will this finally be the occasion when all ethnic minority folk, in particular, are going to be valued as more than just an election (needed) vote during political campaigns. Hmm! "And Now What?"
I'm an American, and I'd like to think that I'm very much a part of "The American People" fabric just like I assume that you are and feel also. But, sometimes, I wonder exactly what is going on in some Black and other so-called minority folks' minds when we all are asking "other" folks to do things for us that we should be doing for ourselves. 

Did you again say,"What's new?"
I trust that you are not offended by that free flowing, candid expression from me because I know that politics is, oftentimes, a vicious game that definitely involves money and economics. Add the highlighted veneers of patriotism and survival to the game of politics and you probably can see why so many universal ethnic folk are intrigued by the game of "poly-tricks" big time.
Saying all that, I still (must) return to the central point of what I'm offering today, and that is an inquiry of the ambient post-election results and what those elected victors will do in fulfilling their campaign vows and pledges. 

"And Now What" that they've won now, I, along with numerous other American hopefuls, wonder silently and ask out loud what the elected souls are going to do for the locales and our nation and will they enhance the communities of people of color as they'll certainly enrich non-minority others' communities? 
Are these selected, elected individuals going to make all national communities, including ours, and the rest of America great now in the present realities, and not in the "his-storical" past tense, whenever that was? I hope that you understand what a vital point I just raised. "And Now What?"
I hope you understand my point because our nation has some very huge diverse political issues, lingering social problems, pressing economic concerns and inherent racial  dilemmas facing us right now. We need to start "now" to invoking make America great now as one respecting all, no matter who they are.
The newly elected servants of "The American People" are facing a challenging political arena where visions of doing right by the Constitution must be understood and fulfilled in the context of today's realities. There has to be a gallant cadre of political leaders who get that message and will carry out their duties to the utmost of their abilities. "And Now What?"
America is potentially great, and I've learned that, for good or bad, this is the place where we all reside and call home. It's our duty and right to respect each other, even in disagreements, politics, differences and uncertainties, to still be able to recognize and know that we are all "The American People."
The laws of the land should be ones for everyone and not go against others because of the color of their skins, ethnicity or religious traditions, etc. 

In my view of how potentially great America can be, I'd like to think of this land as one of unique inclusiveness where it's a safe haven for all ethnicities, respecting everyone's religious beliefs and others' distinctive personas, and it's as standard a theme and practice as me and you saying "peace be with you" to everyone who we come in contact with.
In America, mutual respect for all in a truly politically correct, equally respected and spiritually diversified society, can exist "now." This type of democratic society can easily crush and destroy the dreaded dragons of racism and bigotry with the aid of God Alone.  
That's what's facing these newly elected leaders. It's on their collective bipartisan political plates, but they need our assistance and prayers to make America that kind of envisioned lip-synced, great society, with The Most High Alone's help, so many of us parrot.  I believe firmly that there's no need for division where there's love and respect for all and hatred for no one. Do you?
Think about it. Congratulations to the elected victors. Roll up your sleeves, get busy and do the right things for everyone in this salad bowl we call "The American People." We need the best that you can bring politically, morally and ethically speaking so there'll never, ever be a need to ask, "And Now What?" For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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Submitted By: t. willliiams Submitted: 12/7/2016
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