Saturday, January 28, 2017  
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North Charleston Police
Do you think that the North Charleston Police Department has taken appropriate steps towards reform a year after the Walter Scott shooting?
A Return to Sanity
11/8/2016 9:26:24 PM

By Beverly Gadson Birch

It’s Tuesday morning and the day of reckoning has finally arrived. While gathering my thoughts for this article, I was a little apprehensive thinking about the election. My thoughts immediately turned to how divisive this country has begun to the point of inviting Russia to hack into the country’s emails. That’s a very dangerous precedent.

I thought about how some folks in this country are willing to accept a President who publicly degrades women, Hispanics and Blacks. Some are even falling for the “okeydokey” of making America great again.

Read between the lines! So, how do we make America great again? Send Black folk back to Africa? Build walls to keep Hispanics and immigrants out? Keep women barefoot and pregnant? Create more Charter Schools? Are those defining factors to greatness? What level are we willing to stoop to make America great again? Are we willing to belittle our women and sell our souls to the devil? Are we willing to accept inexperience over experience in the highest office in our nation? Are we? In most instances, you can’t get a job without experience but some of you are willing to put someone in the White House with no experience. Give me a break! The first thing employers look for is experience.

It’s early and folks have begun to form lines at the polls. Today is the day America elects a new president and tomorrow this day will be history. It’s been a hellava year with all of the mudslinging. I don’t know about you but it would be nice just to be able to focus my attention on more positive and uplifting broadcasts.

I am really not a TV person per se but I like those programs that inform and educate. I love football and the Animal Channel. You can learn a lot from animals. Some are vicious and some are gentle. In the game of life, you need to know which animals are harmful. The same premise applies to the Office of President. You need to know who can harm you the most. You need to know who will make your living conditions better, health care affordable, education challenging and employment opportunities. That’s how you make America great again.

While the election celebrations are taking place, let’s not forget there is a lot of healing that needs to take place in this country. Locally, we need to zero in on our youths. We need to find better options for students that drop out and or expelled from school.

Criminals are getting younger and younger. Youth violence is on the rise. Instead of spending time creating better schools and education for the elite, let’s create better educational opportunities for all. Let’s clean up those dope infested communities and restore hope to the hopeless. Y’all know where the guns are coming from so start talking.

Do not allow folks to come into your community and destroy them. Home is where we live. That’s all that we have. Let’s protect our communities by reinvesting in them. I don’t know if we will ever return to the days that you can leave your doors unlock and windows up but I do know we must save our communities. In order for people to change, opportunities must be presented. Y’all, “to whom much is given”, give back! Don’t play like y’all don’t know what is going on at Bay-Bay’s house down the block.

I voted early! So, today I get to do what I want to do. I can either waste the day or help turn out voters. I choose to do the latter. Once done, I will kick back and watch the results. Then, I will recover my sanity that somehow escaped me during the electoral process. After being bombarded day in and day out with election madness, it is time to EXHALE!! Take a deep breath and put all of the madness behind you. The winner is the winner whether it’s your choice or not. Let’s take something from this moment in history, remain positive and move forward. Yep, either way it goes, I am moving forward. It Trump wins, it might be a move to Canada.

If Clinton is elected, good! If Trump is elected, hummm, not so good! I am too old to worry about gold or orange hair. I am worried about my own hair changing grey far too soon. I don’t have time to waste on fool’s gold. My time is short and I must worry about my gold. I must worry about helping the future generation grow into all that they can be. I will not waste my energy on enigmas. Instead, I will move forward and do whatever good I can in the hood.

Sure hope I am not boo hoo hooing in the morning!

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