Friday, March 17, 2017  
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One Storm Gone, Another Lingers On
10/12/2016 4:03:38 PM

By Beverly Gadson-Birch 

If you complied with the mandatory evacuation order in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, welcome home! Hurricane Matthew had me on the run but I am back cleaning up and settling down to my normal routine. I don’t know about y’all but home never looked so good to me flooded yard and all. As I entered my subdivision, evidence of the storm could be seen in snapped off tree branches and tons of leaves piled high along the streets.

I left home at the end of September to celebrate my birthday in Houston with my children and was forced to extend my stay three additional days. On my way home, I received the news that Governor Haley was ordering a mandatory evacuation. I immediately called home to check on family and friends and several said they were hunkering down. Hubby said “I am staying put.” Well, I thought to myself, you can stay put but I am staying out until the coast is clear. My mind immediately took me back to the devastation of Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in Haiti to the possibility of what could happen here and my decision was a “no brainer”. Hurricane Matthew was a Category 5 as it approached Florida. Like I said earlier, I just celebrated a birthday and would like to live to celebrate many more.

If you were in Charleston during Hurricane Hugo, then you know you are fortunate to be around to tell the story. Had that storm come in lower than the tree tops, practically all of Charleston would have been wiped out. And, then Floyd came along and the governor ordered us gone again. Well, no one had to tell me twice. Hubby and I led a caravan of four vehicles full of family and friends out of town to Winston Salem where we waited out the storm. My son had invited us to hunker down at his condo in Raleigh, NC but when we arrived he said, “What da’ heck y’all doing here? It ain’t looking too good here either. Do you guys have room for one more? We need to go further inland.” And, inland we went. He jumped in and we kept it moving. Although Hurricane Floyd was not as destructive as Hugo, you should never second guess a storm. Storms are unpredictable. Hurricane Hugo made a believer out of me.

While Hurricane Matthew was wreaking havoc upon the east coast another storm by the name of Donald Trump was wreaking havoc upon the American people. While hunkered down in my hotel room, I kept the television tuned to the news channels. Then the bombshell exploded about Mr. Trump’s remarks bragging on how he gropes women and the expletive terms associated with such disgraceful actions. He went on to say, “when you are a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” If that is how Mr. Trump feels because he is a “star” then think about what he would do as President an even greater “star”. If Mr. Trump is the best America has to offer, star or no star, we need to close the White House down and let the states just do their thing. Perhaps, America doesn’t have the best form of government but it is durable and for the most part, it has kept us safe.

Mr. Trump calls his offensive remarks “locker room” talk. However, while watching interviews of athletes on most major channels, the athletes distanced themselves from such vulgarity and offensive language. Many of them said they take their children into their locker rooms. They have wives, mothers, sisters, etc., and they would never talk about or describe them in such offensive ways. Some of the athletes even admitted to talking about women but never in such an offensive manner and about sexually assaulting a woman—groping and kissing without their consent. Mr. Trump never takes responsibility for his actions and those who take side with him are just as bad. The reason this country is sliding downhill is because her value system has been downgraded.

We need a President with integrity to lead this country. Think about it! Why would other countries respect America if America does not respect itself? Let’s stop Mr. Trump from turning this country upside down. Y’all know the man has issues but you are still willing to send him to the White House. Why? The first thing that will happen upon his swearing in is this country will go to war. We will lose many more of our sons and daughters in the military senselessly due to Mr. Trump’s wanton behavior. There is just too much riding on this election not to vote.

In response to Mr. Trump questioning Mrs. Clinton’s health, if y’all heard his constant “snipping” you can only wonder what the heck is going on with him. It seems like someone needs to be questioning his fitness.

You have about a month before casting your vote for the next President. In spite of the naysayers and haters, President Obama has done a wonderful job in leading this country out of one of the worst economic crisis in American history. Let’s remember this when we vote. Let’s vote for the candidate who will continue to move this country forward. Let’s remember those people who lost their jobs and homes to foreclosures. Do you want more of the same from someone who brags about not paying millions in federal taxes but fine you for not paying yours?

Stop listening to all of the negative, unsubstantiated information Mr.Trump is putting out about Mrs. Clinton including negative remarks about her husband. Mr. Clinton is not running for President—his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is. She may not be perfect but she is no storm. She will not destroy people or things in her path. On the other hand, we have seen the devastation brought about Hurricane Matthew and by Mr. Trump. Let’s vote for our children’s future and the future of this country. Are y’all hearing me?


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