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To Haiti With Love
10/12/2016 3:44:28 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Hurricane Matthew finally has gone away, but the effects of this tremendous force of nature has left many people in this corridor of the globe trying to put their lives back together. It's been and is going to be a test for countless souls across many lands in this neck of the universe.

I personally pray for all of the families of those individuals who lost loved ones due to this menacing hurricane. Living is a gift from the Most High Alone, and life is a fragile, constant turnstile of emotions whenever survival, suffering and death are involved.

Sometimes, even in the worst of conditions, God Alone shows us who really is really in control of everything, no matter where it occurs or it what from it may appear. The ominous signs of the Almighty (alone) are something to behold if you have understanding and faith. Do you catch my drift?

Everything that happens in life happens by the permission of the Most High Alone and it happens for sometimes not so obvious reasons. That should always be on the barometer of every sane, spirituality minded soul's mindset.

That's where my head's at right now as I process trying to get back to a regulated sense of normalcy affect this current hurricane's demise, if I'm allowed to call returning to what I do normal. Do you know where I'm coming from as you, hopefully, attempt to get back your regular groove, whatever that may be?

That question has so much relevance to me as I write because no one, who's living in the here and now, knows for a certainty what the next moment in time yields for them except that they are going to be tested in one form, shape or manner. I understand that, and I hope that you resolutely do also.

Life is a perpetual testing ground, and this hurricane's appearance taught me more and more about understanding the powers (and mercies) of the Creator Alone with reverence and awe. From the slashing rain to its hollowing winds and to the penetrating and uncontrollable flooding, I watched a phenomena of God Alone ravish parts of the Caribbean and parts of some of our own Southeastern states of the United States of America with an onslaught of nature that makes me ever-so-humble to just be alive.

Sometimes, again, I dear say that some ethnic "colored" folk of all nations may not really understand that God Alone is sending mighty, mighty signs to the spirituality aware and even to the ignorant amongst us. It's not that foreign of a simplistic comprehension for anyone to see, sense or grasp because understanding the forces of nature and life is about growth, respect and advancement in so many different aspects of acquiring knowledge.

In too many untold ways, the people who have been affected by the devastation of Hurricane Matthew's wrath will have to regroup and get their lives back on track amidst difficulties galore. That is and will most undoubtedly be a daunting, but attainable, challenge for all, except those who have no faith.

I'm buoyed by the faith of the brothers and sisters of "hue-manity" who reside on the hard hit island of Haiti. Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, was rocked and devastated by Hurricane Matthew's savage winds and killer flooding and, yet, the people still exemplify a faith in God that they will overcome this test from The Most High.

Their reality of being tested in so many ways to degrees that, as you read, most of us in the USA can't remotely image how immense poverty affects a huge majority of the Haitian people's lives on a daily basis, even before Hurricane Matthew's arrival. These are a proud and significant people of color.

Haitian poverty is something few of us in America, thus far, have ever or will experience. My heartfelt prayers of "keep on keeping on" and hang in there are extended to them and all of the other affected areas caused by Hurricane Matthew's destructive course.

To the people of Haiti, I like you to know that I especially realize that you are courageous fighters to the end when dealing with insurmountable odds. You've proven it throughout your country's existence. You know what keeping the faith and believing in helping each other is all about, even when some of your "so-called leaders" don't and haven't.

"To Haiti With Love" is something that we all should think about as we struggle from one moment to the next. From coastal affected arenas in Florida to Georgia to South and North Carolina and back to the Caribbean Islands, we (all) need to look at what has just occurred with more relevance toward understanding the powerful fragility of a God Alone-ushered moment in time and how quickly anyone's life can be altered. I do and am doing so right now.

Some of us here in potentially great America may need to self-check ourselves at the doors of humility and thankfulness at times because the Most High Alone has blessed us in so many unspeakable ways. Mere words, I believe, can't testify enough about how much praise do, or can, we extend to God Alone for his gifts and mercies to us.

With that explicit understanding, I still have to adroitly that "All praises are due to God (Alone) in and under all circumstances." I believe wholeheartedly that when you praise the Creator Alone things automatically happen for the better.

So, to everyone affected by this recent test from the Creator Alone, I wish that you keep the faith during this recoupment period. God Alone has your back covered and that's enough for any people of faith.

"To Haiti With Love" reminds of the aforementioned paragraph with heartfelt prayers and wishful directness. To God Alone always give the glory in and under all circumstances. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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