Thursday, September 29, 2016  
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Debate #1: The Goose Vs. The Gander
9/28/2016 2:43:23 PM

By Beverly Gadson-Birch 

Monday night, the nation sat spellbound, waiting in anticipation on the first Presidential debate between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. The former Secretary of State won the debate hands down. If you were undecided going into the debate you should be decided now. Mr. Trump went off script and took the bait right off the hook. He was no match for such a seasoned politician as Mrs. Clinton. His predictable temperament overshadowed his plans for America should he become President.

There are a couple of points that deserve further discussion such as the birther issue that Trump carried on for five years after President Obama provided proof. Trump danced all around the issue. He never said why he continued to make the President’s birthplace an issue. I don’t believe he was the mastermind behind the birther attack. Now that I have learned the source or maybe conspiracy behind the birther issue, I am more convinced than ever America does not need a President that rushes to judgement or is complicit in unsubstantiated issues. With all of the complex issues a President has to deal with, the last thing we need in the White House is a “hot head”.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If Mrs. Clinton has revealed her tax returns, what is Mr. Trump waiting for? He has created such a cloud of suspicion over a requirement for public office and a reasonable expectation from voters. If Trump used the “birther” issue as his “Trump” card to disparage the President for the past five years until a recent press conference in an attempt to lay the matter to rest, it is fair game for the next five weeks to call for his tax returns? Tax returns provide information on business deals, donations, taxable income, etc. If Mr. Trump’s business dealings are in order, what is there to hide? What is he covering up? Voters need to demand transparency from Mr. Trump before the election and not just after the election.

While we are on the subject of tax returns, Mrs. Clinton questioned Mr. Trump on his failure to pay Federal Taxes. Will someone please tell me this is not true? Why is it that rich folks find loopholes around paying their fair share of taxes, i.e, setting up business out of the country, tax shelters and hiding millions in nameless, blameless overseas accounts?

If Mr. Trump doesn’t pay Federal taxes, then why are we paying Federal taxes? Why are the poor saddled with the gluttony and improprieties of the rich? It is behavior such as this that continues to divide this country. Taxes have always been levied disproportionately upon the working and middle class. You will never see the poor owing a yacht or even a million dollar home. Poor folks struggle each day just to survive, yet they find themselves paying taxes on top of taxes. You are not alone, Mr. Trump in not paying your fair share of taxes. The economic system in this country is misaligned and needs to be adjusted. Lawmakers tend to make laws in favor of the rich.

Every American should have an opportunity to break through the poverty cycle but the system has set up barriers to enable the rich to get richer and the poor, poorer. The poor opens a bank account with more interests than the rich. The rich can borrow beyond their means to repay but the poor must obtain a co-signer. Now, you have two persons locked into a debt instead of one. Poor folks rack up thousands of dollars in student loans that they struggle to repay while the rich goes to college off state lottery scholarships and graduate debt free.

Let’s not forget that Mr. Trump is in favor of “Frisk and Search”. I think enough black folk have been “frisked and searched” illegally and killed. So, unless Mr. Trumps’ frisk and search plan is done without malice aforethought, he needs to rethink his view on this issue. We recently saw two more young African American men shot down—one with his hands in the air and the other backing up towards the police. The same week, we saw a terrorist shot and wounded. Why is it that black folk are “shoot to kill” and terrorists “shoot to wound”?

Finally, this country must deal with the race issue. Y’all can deny and hide your hands all y’all want to but the truth of the matter is “racism” is alive and well in this country. I thought things were bad prior to Mr. Trump getting into the race but it’s worse, if that’s possible. Foreign countries are watching us! ISIS is watching us! Folks are coming out of the woodworks trying to harm us!

Trump has invited Russia to hack into our emails. And no, it was not a joke. If Mr. Trump was a minority Presidential candidate, he would have been hauled off to jail immediately after his incendiary remarks, handcuffed and investigated for any possible ties to Russia. Trump is advocating sending millions of Hispanics back across the border and building a wall to keep them there. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania, was born in Slovenia.

Has anyone investigated her citizenship? I ain’t trying to start nothing, just thought I would ask. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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