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Love's Music
8/31/2016 12:49:23 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

I'm a self-professed aficionado of love. It's an adventure in and of life that totally consumes me because I have a love affair with the Creator Alone of life and death that's been in my heart, mind and soul for too, too long to count.

To love God Alone, the Creator Alone, in my estimation, is an absolute actuality in my perimeters of known realities. It's the greatest love of all to me, with no intermediates attached.

Whenever I think of the Creator Alone, Who alone gives and takes, creates and destroys, I think of a matchless, praiseworthy lovefest to the very highest that all created souls being should be sensibly endearing, testifying and attaching themselves to without argument or denial. That is the sweetest sound or music to my ears that anyone can ever listen to without hatred, uptightness, malice or being led astray.

The surround music of God Alone's merciful love is played out everyday for all to see because we're all alive and here in the present, never knowing if the next second could be our last. It's a refreshing harmonized sort of spiritual mood to be in when God's love comes to the mind, complete with the sweetness of knowing that the Most High Alone is in control of everything and everyone.

Whenever I hear the tuneful sounds of nature all around me, l think of it as another example of God Alone's love symphony playing a melody of peaceful remembrance of how great and totally distinctive the Most High Alone is. It's remarkable "Love's Music" being played before an aware audience of one, and that one audience member is me.

I make no apologies to anyone for loving the Creator Alone, knowing fully well that the very nature of life itself is a virtue of awesomeness that's reserved for the spiritually conscious who know that God Alone is but One, without partners. That's the sweetest idiosyncratic music of love that anyone can image, hear, feel or experience. Call me an isolated critic, but for the best of me, I'm forever lost in mellifluous thought, sometimes, wondering why the world continually suffers from the sickening maladies of racism and escalating calamities of bigotries when God Alone put us all here to coexist and to be at peace with one another. Somewhere, because of this dilemma, I believe there's a segment of created "hue-manity" that never listened intently to God Alone's eurythmic 

"Love Music" of submitting to peace for all, without hatred for no one.

This congruous musical theme is unique in that it's about peaceful harmonies of the heart and respectful lyrics of the mind being demonstrated before the all the nations of world without bigotry and racism. There's no room in the amphitheaters of life for stupidity and intolerance because God Alone's masterpiece of submission to Him Alone is "Love's Music" that's full of divine order, grace and understanding.

The chords of "Love's Music" are the ones submitters of peace hear and feel within their hearts, minds and souls every waking moments of their acknowledged existences.

There's no room for political chaos, mental “poly-tricks”, nationalistic skullduggeries and individual self-hatreds when God Alone's "Love Music" is played in the elevators of the true believers' thoughts.

God Alone's inclusive "Love's Music" is the essence of compatibility with the peaceful workings of every created soul who wishes what he or she desires for himself or herself what he/she wishes for another fellow brother or sister of created "hue-manity." Also, it doesn't matter where one lives on earth because life is a subtle, fragile moment on all the world's stages, so why not be at peace with the greatness of this solitary purpose and occasion in time.

At heart, as I write, I'm a poet penning my thoughts before you today because I openly testify that there's nothing, or no one, who's worthy of worship except the Creator Alone, Who (Alone) is the Most High Alone. That all-embracing knowledge of same is based on the music of love and mutual respect for all that God Alone has told us through the renowned orchestra leaders called prophets and messengers of the Creator Alone.

May God Alone's peace, mercy and blessing forever be upon them all because they taught all of humanity what was right and what was wrong to do. They were the ones who, as leaders, demonstrated for all believers how to live, act and eat in such wonderful norms of existences until you knew it could only have been God Alone's sweeping "Love Music" and guidance that they were listening to.

Amen! In my heart of hearts, I feel that God Alone's thorough "Love's Music" needs to be understood more clearly you all if we're to progress towards universal brotherhood, spiritual unity and representative compassion for all. It's not that hard to hear or figure out if you really wanted to listen to and do it, because it's the essence of peace, which shouldn't be that difficult to understand.

No matter where you come from or live, God Alone's wide-ranging "Love Music" can transform your life if you let it be. Any music of soul is from the Most High Alone if not taken out of spiritual context and meaningful intentions. Music affects us all, even if we don't understand why. The late Eric Dolphy, a very famous African-American jazz multi-instrumentalist, is purported to have said that "Music is like the wind. You don't know where it came from, and you don't know it went. You can't control it. All you can is get inside the sphere of it and be swept away.”

I wish that we all could get swept away by the sphere of knowing that God Alone is but One, and that that's the only "Love Music" to be singing or playing the praises of. As you move about, let the wind of peace flow through you. When you do that, then you'll know why today's piece is called "Love's Music." For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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