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The Mosaic of Today's America
8/24/2016 1:14:13 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

We're all Americans. Aren't we? Living in the real USA is a serious testing ground for the daily encounters between different "colored" folk of all ethnicities and religious beliefs. It takes mastery of one's self while living here in order to be at peace with one's self and respectful towards others.

Sometimes, it takes a little courage to step outside of one's conditioning to see firsthand what another created soul of the universe sees, feels and believes. Some folk are blessed to know and realize that as universal students of learning, and each day in the proverbial diurnal learning field of existence is another situation for them is another day in which they praise the Creator Alone.

It takes courage to want to not give into ignorance and stupidity and to decide that you want to learn the legitimate truth about this and that, especially as it relates to the supreme force alone we loosely call God.

Think before you read, because no matter how much you've been indoctrinated about this and that, we all should know that the Most High Alone is greater than everyone and everything in existence.

No man or woman, be he or she Black, White, Brown, Red or Yellow, knows when, where or how he or she will exit this phase of living.

And with that being an unquestioned certainty, it brings me to where I am today as I think about the topic of unity and courage that is floating around in my head, heart and mind.

You see, last week I had the pleasure of meeting a fine young ethnic "colored" soul who was a Euro-American. This young White man was as polite and respectful a "hue-man" being you'd ever want to meet, and he embodied that rare courageous quality because of his unique desire to want to learn about my faith. He, like me, are mosaic symbols of today's America.

First, let me say that I could care less about the color of one's skin tone or ethnicity when I deal with him or her. Racism stinks and bigotry sucks.

I'm old enough to teach a lot of young folks, and a few older ones, firsthand about racism and bigotry, but it was a unique pleasure, especially, in these racially tense and insensitive cycles of existences today, to speak to a genuine and sincere inquirer of knowledge.

To have come in contact with this courageous young White American, in his very early twenties, who was an outspoken representative of his religious belief of Christianity, but he was also a curious seeker of knowledge, without bias, malice or hatred, which was a welcomed delight for me.

As you well know, if you didn't by now, these are some crazy and very dangerous times in/on the bald eagle's religious landscapes and political plantations, particularly for Muslims and others.

You know obviously that I'm a Muslim, and this young Christian, who had just been released from prison, asked me if I was a practicing Muslim.

Obviously, I replied in the affirmative that I was, and that's how the ensuing conversation took off from there.

This engaging, reborn and apparently deeply religious young man was so serious about learning about my own faith of Islam until I had to take some time to chat with him. He was serious, and the experience was tremendously rewarding on both our parts because we discussed things about my faith traditions (and his) that he really knew nothing about, but always wanted to know. We were students.

Many enjoyable questions and respectful answers ensued, and the first major correction on my part to him was knowing Who God was and was not in the faith of Islam. I made it very plain that "true" Muslims worship no one but the Creator Alone of life and death, whose name in the Arabic language is ALLAH, and no other. Simple as that.

I reiterated that point throughout our discussion to him with the emphasis on remembering that all created "hue-mankind" is simply that--created "hue-manity," but no one created the Creator Alone, Who created everything and everyone before those entities came into being. Also, I told him, as he shared, respectfully, with me his concept of who the Creator was, was that God Alone had no beginning and has no ending. Think.

That key focus is "all" that the "true" Muslim from any land recognizes, and the "true" Muslim does not associate any man/woman with God worship in any format. I had to mention to him also that terrorism does not exist in "true" Islam, no matter what some mischievous naysayers may lead non-thinking soul folk erroneously to believe.

The young man, being Christian, and sincere in what he was brought up in and raised to believe, was forever passionate about his belief.

I respected him for his belief as I believed he did me for mine. It takes courage to respect other's beliefs in today's American mosaic of diversities galore.

This young man was someone who admitted that he never had a real conversation with a practicing Muslim, and he wasn't quite sure how I, or another Muslim, would react to his natural curiosity and inquiry about the faith of Islam. I assured him that any Muslim would be glad to speak with him, or anyone else, if their intent was sincere in gaining legitimate knowledge about their faith. Life can be a peaceful university of functionality if you let it be.

I know some folk speak with absolutely no authentic knowledge of their alleged respective faith traditions, furthermore someone else's.

The more I spoke to this young man I could see that he had the self-evident courage and desire to want to learn the truth (firsthand) about someone else's faith and not be guided by divisive diatribes of today's outrageous "poly-tricks."

Unfortunately, in many ways, I believe that probably describes so many of the mind-sets of some in our nation's and the world's populace as ignorance and bigotry has slowly and "calculating" crept into the racial ethos of many quasi-political Americans and other global religious nationalities. We must be courageous and stop the sinister ignorances of racial, ethnic and religious hatreds now before they destroy our nation. With knowledge comes wisdom.

Respect and learn from your fellow Americans, including the Muslim, the Jew, the Hindu, the Christian, the Rastafarian, the Buddhist and from all the other professed faiths and traditions in our multicultural land. Remember, that "Together we stand and divided we fall." After all, we are "The Mosaic of Today's America."

For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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