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The Legitimacy of Knowing
8/10/2016 2:13:48 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

There are certain times in my life where I'm tested by certain situations and trials that I hadn't expected to occur. I've been perplexed at times by some of life's issues, but that's to be expected because it's nothing but actual reality in all of its unpredictable and unexpected flavors of being tested.

For many conditioned "colored" souls of the contemporary living experience, I guess that's nothing new to them because they have been dealt hands like that before just like so many other "hue-mans" have also been and are still being issued in their lives. You may even ask with astuteness, "So, what's new?"

I may tend to offer, "Nothing," in response, but sometimes in assessing knowledge about and of certain enigmatic and unfathomable things, at best all we can say, with complete assuredness, is that "hue-mankind" doesn't know everything about all things. So many countless things are unrevealed to the "hue-man" mind and, of course, that includes so many of the unpredictable, varied and voluminous day-to-day happenings in all of our worlds of existences.

Only the Most High Alone "knows all" about "all" things. I always try to keep that planted in my thoughts, and that is not a moot point of comprehension in my book of comprehension, just as I hope that it should be clearly understood in your mind and thoughts if you are a true believer in the Creator Alone.

Listen carefully, with all that's going on around us in the local, state, national and international spheres of today, many "colored" folks still have a tendency to worry about things that they have no control over, causing more emotional headaches than they need to be burdened with.

Sometimes, as I've had to learn the hard way that "life is what it is," and to fully comprehend that is a real study in spiritual growth and inner resolve. It's time to go to school, and life is the best university to enroll in.

Life is a journey no matter how you look at it. No one from any diverse and kindred ethnic grouping, during any time in history, will escape that actuality because "life is what it is" and there's no other way to describe it other than to call it like it is. God Alone places tests galore on everyone of His Alone's creation, all the time. Life's experiences are the universal teachers. I see and hear so many baffled "colored" folk, who are apparently lost in their own closeted doubts and shadow prejudices, speak openly about worry like they can't change anything for the better except other than to pout, complain and exercise pessimism.

Some of these distracted folk "worry" about this and that, other folks' business and stuff going on in far off distant locales, but are unable to handle their own situations adequately right before them.

Not to put down anyone, but there has to come a time in one's life when he or she should realize that he has or she has enough work to (just) be able to take care of his or her legitimate business first going on his or her own backyards. Does that make any sense to you, especially after thinking about and realizing in so many instances who exactly are your so-called friends, enemies and "frienemies" in the first place? Hmm!

It seems as though today that there are so many abstract worriers about this and dismal naysayers about that until they become opinionated newsless reporters telling themselves (and you) nothing but negativity and unavailing info. If "we are what we think," then we might be selling ourselves down the drain without anyone's assistance, without even realizing it. Reflect about that as you think about life's teachings.

Do you know that life is a wonderful voyage and it's a heckuva of a trip, but no one knows but the Creator Alone when the journey will end? Just thinking about that pristine reality lets me know that "The Legitimacy of Knowing" truthful things is not to be taken too lightly during these few remaining, and ever-so-precious, moments you, me and others have in this phase of living.

I've come to learn that worrying about things that I have no control over is one big fruitless activity. From what people say or think about you or me to many other illicit, meaningless, and insignificant "hue-man" scenarios, "Who cares?" Experiencing life is a reality check big time. I've learned thus far that the majority of "hue-mans" only care about themselves and about those who are closest to them for the most part.

Again, "that's life" and "it is what it is". So, again, let worry be a thing of the past if you are to realy comprehend "The Legitimacy of Knowing" truth.

"To thine own self be true" is a robust motto if you really are to know who you are and why you were given life. If you have a problem with that, I respectfully offer a few self-check questions for you to spiritually examine openly and secretly as you attempt to understand why you're being extended another second to breathe and live.

Question # One: Who is the Creator Alone of everything and everyone in existence? Think before you respond.

Question # Two: What is the purpose of your creation, or your being here, and if you do know the legitimate answer, why not thank or praise that Supreme Force Alone, Who Alone, is not a created ethnic man, woman or thing in the original tongue(s) of the Most High Alone's righteous prophets and messengers (May the Creator Alone's peace and blessings be upon them all)?

Question # Three: Why do so many apparently spiritually lost and astray-thinking souls worship anything other than the Creator Alone and don't seem to care? Think before you guess.

And finally:

Question # Four: When will so many of these lost "colored" souls really take legitimate time to discover what is the true answer to the meanings of indoctrination, "his-story," falsehoods and most importantly, "our-story."

"The Legitimacy of Knowing" things requires effort and concern about learning truth, so don't let worry destroy your desire to learn the eminent veracity about all things. A true seeker of knowledge and candor never stops being a committed researcher and a conscious student. I hope that you are.

For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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