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North Charleston Police
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A Dialogue for Healing
7/13/2016 2:08:30 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

The recent tragedies that have fallen upon our nation's doorsteps have made me stop and realize that we have some serious dilemmas facing us. In many sectors, America is suffering from its age-old addiction to cosmetically denied racism from within its midst.

I've come to know now that there are many different sides to living in this potentially great country, both through education and experience. If you're not living in my or other people of color's shoes, then sit back and read on in order to be able to, hopefully, digest what is making some people of color feel left out of sharing the so-called American Dream.

"America is what it is", and it's also a continuous changing environment as I write? The America of ten years ago is not the America of today in so progressive many ways, but, unfortunately, some decrepit things remain the same.

One of those debilitating things is hidden racism, a fossilized reality that the privileged and old world order would rather you not discuss on an open mike. The real world knows this to be true, even though the veneer of being politically correct supersedes the new world hypocrisy of what truly lies behind unspoken thoughts or written words.

Today's America is at a crisis in more invisible ways that it can count. From Minneapolis to Baton Rouge to Dallas and beyond, the world is asking, "What’s really going on?."There's no place seemingly left untouched with unexpected and very troubling events.

Knowing this makes you wonder what locale is going to be next on the news with another situation gone berserk. From one horrible scenario to the next, Americans (now) have to face the reality of knowing that their country is beset with monumental civil and social problems that need to be discussed and remedied immediately.

And one of the most important issues at the forefront of these issues is the topic of race. It's there smacking us all in our faces every single moment of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. America is a racial crossroad and everyone is affected.

As Americans, one and all, we've got a problem. There's a lot of racial hatreds, religious misunderstandings and patriotic suspicions going on around in the bald eagle's coastal domains whether you want to accept it or not. It's in the airwaves.

From every corridor, no matter where they reside or call home, "The American People," whoever they are, are having to come to grips with fact that their nation is truly divided along racial boundaries, especially between Black and White America and the selective few have and the overwhelming have nots. There is a difference and you may not want to hear it, but it's as real as the thought that you're now entertaining.

I know some folk may not want to speak or write about that, but just look at the news, social media comments, "tell- lie-vision" reports, etc., all proclaiming that our nation is divided along racial and other boundaries that no one will, can or secretly deny. It hurts me to have to say this, but it's painfully accurate.

Some folk are lovers of the conceptualize America that's blasted onto the mindsets of the wishful where it's the the fabled land of the free and the idealized home of the brave. But I'm a realist and not a dreamer, and I've poignantly asked myself, as a brother of color, "Does this really apply to me and and other 'colored' folk who look like me?" If you dare, tell me you can relate.

After all that has happened, and is still happening in our growing diverse and segregated country, you'd think that all sane minded ethnic Americans would know that something is systematically wrong in this nation, if they didn't already detect it. And we had better get busy and do something about it soon before it gets any worse, or too late.

The racial divisions and religious hatreds that are seething throughout America in all classes and ethnicities lets me know that something has to be done to "fix" the inherent structure of "his-storically" clandestine racism that has permeated America's political, educational and economic systems for so long. It's the good old boy syndrome at work, even you don't see it.

Too many lives, minds and souls are being lost, mindless tragedy after mindless tragedy, to stubborn self-denials, political apologetics, economic shenanigans and religious smoke screens. Sadly, doesn't anyone hear the voices of the oppressed as they struggle to be heard. Who really cares? Do you?

Sometimes, I don't think anybody does until it's too late, and that's why so many of today's frustrated youth engage in peaceful protests to say to one and all that they don't want to be a part of the racist shackles of discrimination that confines them to a permanent second class type of citizenry. No way.

Many young, and other aware thinking "colored" folk, know that the nasty two-headed dragon of racism and bigotry is still lurking in and hovering around American society- at-will. That demonic reality is still prevalent in many covert circles today as America ponders what to do with the ever-present hidden racism that has never really gone away.

So, as you think about it, don't be surprised when young folk and others become increasingly uptight because racial prejudices of any sort will make any oppressed soul look for alternatives and solutions to eradicate that vice, by any means necessary. I know all-too-well that some folk talk about it with no sense of identity, but others, who have to live with it, feel like they're wearing a constant straight jacket of hopelessness tied around their worlds of existences.

This has to stop. America has too much to lose and because I'm a brother of color living in this land, I identify with all peace loving oppressed colored folk, just as most other people of color do. No amount of political rhetoric about democracy will soothe racism and bigotry if you're the victims of incessant bigotry and you live in literal hell everyday. "All LIVES MATTER".

It's time to wake America and let's get this nation back on a rightful track where all are respected and treated equally, even the person who may have a different skin tone, religion, financial status, occupation, educational background, ethnicity or zip code than you. Do you feel where I'm coming from? Again, "ALL LIVES MATTER."

Yes, "ALL LIVES MATTER". I hope know this to be true because we all can and shall overcome all obstacles that are in our paths to freedom, justice and equality. Let's start a forum, even right where you are, to talk to one another with mutual respect and humility for all.

Let's begin "A Dialogue for Healing". Let's cure the dubious sicknesses that spiritually, ethnically and morally divide us before we all perish. "The American People" have to become what they proclaim themselves to be for "all" to enjoy, and that's, "As I See It."


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