Wednesday, August 10, 2016  
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There's But One Reality
5/17/2016 4:16:00 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Life is a wonderfully challenging phenomenon, but "it is what it is". That's the ultimate reality of where we are in this present space and time. No doubt.

Today my brief message is meant to address an issue of great concern to me and it should for you also, especially if you're breathing and reading this column now. "There's But One Reality," Who (Alone) is making all this happen, and that is the Creator Alone.

Many times some of us in "hue-manity" forget that as we ramble on to the next momentary distracting occurrence in our worlds of existences without recognizing that all of this is being made possible by God Alone. That, in my spiritual book of thinking, should be an absolute, undeniable given because, without that knowledge, where would we all be?

I'm writing this now on this topic because I recently had an encounter with a young female soul who didn't believe in God. That struck me in a somewhat odd sense of spiritual curiosity, because no matter who you are or what you may feel or think about religious issues in general, how could you deny God Alone, the Creator of everyone and everything.

"To each, his own" is my personal mantra when dealing with ethnic "colored" folk who think that way, but this young soul asked me why I was so adamant in my belief system centering everything around the Creator Alone.

I started out by saying to this young soul, with all due respect, by simply asking, "If you don't believe in the Creator, then how did you get here?" To that response there was a curious no response." That lack of informative response led to realize how shallow some young and older "colored" folk are about the reality that God Alone exists.

This young soul, all of maybe twenty-one-years of age, probably represents a cross-section of a few, or maybe many other youthful Americans in that they don't connect to anything religious or spiritual whatsoever. You can see it everywhere, for example, where recent "hue-man" political laws are supplanting many of the so-called traditional laws and ordinances of God with "their" own modern conceptual lifestyle modes of acceptances.

Though not totally in agreement with everything that's politically and socially going on, the young soul was apparently in that vein as I listened with respect to her views. Like I said previously, "to each, his own," and that's how I came across to the young soul, but I had to express one key factor.

I told the young soul that I hope that she knew that was uniquely created by the Supreme Force Alone, who has no equal. That force, being all powerful and all knowing could and does not make errors. Never!

I flatly uttered that from life to death all things are under the Most High's control and with that undeniable knowledge on hand, that's why I hold firm to the belief that there's nothing that's worthy of worship except the Supreme Force Alone of creation. And I called that force ALLAH, or God Alone.

The young soul said that made a little sense, but she asked why I didn't believe in a "hue-man" being as God. To that, I responded immediately, but carefully stating that man, an obvious creation of the Supreme Creator Alone, didn't create the Creator Alone, so why would I spend my time worshipping and glorifying a man or a woman as oppose to the Creator Alone solely.

I said poignantly to the young soul, "This is some heavy stuff that most folk, young and old, of all ethnicities, sometime get forget and lost in the twisted equation that created 'hue-mans,' who live on earth, are not equal to the Creator Alone, Who is greater that everything including the universe." I also reiterated that she was not a test tube creation, but a distinct soul created by the Most High Alone, who never, ever makes a mistake and you can be certain of that.

Continuing, I related, "From the smallest ant hiding underneath her feet to the enormous whale swimming in the deepest ocean, God Alone (and not man nor woman) is the supreme creative force behind everything and everyone. To understand that is to submit to that knowledge with a clear understanding that Most High Alone is greater than everyone and everything, regardless of what you spiritually call yourself or religiously think that you have been institutionally formatted to be."

With that belief system in tact, I said how could anyone not clearly see and know that "There's But One Reality," who not should ever be in doubt about, that reality is God Alone, or ALLAH, as I say in Arabic. Some misguided and ill-equipped teachers, preachers and fakers play games with our minds but the truth is the light. Think about that ???????

The young soul asked why do I call the Creator Alone ALLAH. I said that was the name that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to refer the Creator Alone of everyone and everything in the Muslim's holy book, the Qur'an.

For further verification, I told the young soul to check out the names that all the other prophets that she knew of called the Creator Alone in their respective authentic tongues if she desired to know why I said ALLAH. She asked me to give her some evidence to which I gladly responded.

To her I said, and to you I say, with unchallenged authority that ALLAH means the Creator (Alone) of the world who creates and saves His creation for a purpose. Again, it is the Arabic word for God. It simply means "the God" alone.

Before Islam was formerly established by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Arab and Syrian Christians, Jews and others used ALLAH for God. Later, Arab Muslims also used this Arabic word for the Creator. Today, ALLAH is still used by Arab Muslims and Christians. For everyone's information, the Christian Arabic Bible uses ALLAH. Also, in addition, millions upon millions of non-Arab Muslims and Christians around the world continue to use ALLAH for God, the Creator of everyone and everything. Think again deeply about that.

That's what I told the young soul, reminding her that each moment in time is precious, and it is controlled by ALLAH solely. Be at peace and share love with creation. So, give praises only to "The Only Reality" that there is. You should correctly know who it is by now. For today and always, please continue to give thanks to the most High Alone. And that's, "As I See It."


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