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The Art of Being You
4/13/2016 4:35:36 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

It's said by the pundits of casual regularity that being real is as important as being you. I like that play on words because there's a lot of truth to that reality. As I look at today's worlds of existences, I believe that there are many, many "colored" folk in the universal cosmos who don't have a clue what that means. Unfortunately, I say that with great reference to some folk who I know and, if you look closely at your own inner circle, it may also apply to some folk who you may know, or knew, in your present and past life's varied associations.

In my own worlds of existences, I see many different folk trying to be something that they are not. From trying to look like someone else, or portraying some fantasy that they aren't, to, well, you probably feel where I'm going, some of these abstract-minded folk defy description in being conscious of who they are and were created to be.

That brings me to where I'm at now, and that is to discuss, ever-so-briefly, "The Art of Being You." It's too pivotal a topic for any thinking "hue-man" to dismiss as loose talk, particularly in the overall African-American community.

Being of the Afro-American culture and immensely proud of that reality, so much so that I'm continually amazed at how some current Black folk seem to adopt looks that have nothing to do with their natural heritage whatsoever. It's a subject that some Black folk feel uncomfortable in discussing, but I'm not. Are you?

Sometimes, we in our culture need to address the fact that we need to know and identity, "our-storically" speaking, with who we are as unabashed entities in the worlds of cultures, etc., without personal shame or hidden ethnic denials. That’s a key point I hope you don't lose focus of as I rap to you now because "real" Blackness is losing itself to fake lookalikes and Lord knows whatever some of us are pretending to be or desire to achieve. It's confusing.

In many ways, it's like a circus of unfamiliar souls living in an imaginary, dream-like "Hollyweird" state of whimsical existence with no end to the madness. Sometimes, you wonder where does illusion begin and where does beautify end with some folk?

One should never be ashamed of the way they were naturally created. In the Afro-centered mindset, the natural aura of Blackness is what the Most High Alone created us, a segment of His Alone "hue-manity" to be, so I can't figure out for the best of my intellect why some of us think that someone else's features are more attractive or beautiful than our "own" God Alone given features and hairstyles. Maybe you've pondered that matter also.

If I touched a controversial and sensitive nerve, then so be it because "Black is Beautiful," and I think some of us in our collective communities have never connected to that phrase, furthermore to its living actuality. The truth hurts sometimes, and when it comes to proudly being Black, or of visible African heritage, "some" of us in "some" of our communities would whether say that we're not Black, but I'm American. That's cool, but there's more.

To that I must say that before you were American, you were born Black, or descended from the Motherland, just like every created soul in existence. Do you need me to give a basic lesson in authentic World History 101? At this alarming late date in real time, I should hope not.

So, I don't think so, even if some of us in Black America and elsewhere vehemently want to be multicultural and as such, are trying forever to subliminally remove any relationship to his or her Black self. If you're completely real and honest with yourself, and you're of Afro-consciousness, you know that racism, bigotry, and skin color prejudice are real factors in today's ethnic America as it is all over the globe.

That's why "The Art of Being You" is too important an issue to let fall by the wayside in our day-to-day comprehensive realities without addressing how being ashamed of who we are leads to all sorts of troubling problems. For example, if you identify as being an African in any format you also know that there are "some" folk who are trying to lighten their skin or straighten their hair to look like someone else in another culture. The truth is real, but it still stings.

And some sophisticated amnesiac "colored" folk think that brainwashing was dead and only happens to a certain group of unenlightened folk. That may be true, but there are a lot of other "colored" folk in the today's Black society who could care less about the state of the African world and the sufferings that are going on in the Motherland and in other troubled locales.

Sadly, that reality is also shown by those uncaring, unaware and unintelligent "colored" masses among us who will never understand why "The Art of Being You" starts with praising the Creator Alone for creating them Black, and "hue-man," in the first place. With that knowledge alone, "Black is Beautiful" need not be a work in progress for the doubtful because one's respect of self begins with the love of and acceptance of what God Alone created. And that's "you".

With that acknowledgement firmly entrenched in a true unbiased mindset and heart, there should never be a disrespect of any of the other "hue-mans" who the Most High Alone created. That's why I know that "all", and I do mean "all", of God Alone's "hue-man" creations, are the legitimate "colored" folk of the universe.

They should be proud of their creation as you should be of yours. From the the ethnic designated Red, Brown, Tan, Peach, White, Cocoa, Yellow, Cream, Black or whatever color a "colored" soul of creation wants to be labeled as, all were created by the Creator Alone to be who He Alone created them to be. That's why "The Art of Being You" is a timely topic to raise, especially since so many young and older folk presently have lingering big time low self esteem issues and problems.

In closing, I hope that you're not one of them because whatever color you are, you're beautiful. All shades of "hue-manity" are attractive, handsome and good-looking. "The Art of Being You" is my sentiment in destroying racism and self-loathing before it begins.

Love your natural features and the skin that you're in because, after all, it's rehearsing and exemplifying "The Art of Being You" on a daily basis. Have a blessed day. I love you. You're beautiful in my eyes and mind, and that's, "As I See It."

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