Friday, August 26, 2016  
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Get Well
3/23/2016 2:52:20 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

When I sit down to write my column as I have done for the last twenty-five-years or so, I usually write from what is on my mind at that moment, or from some preeminent issue that's occurring. It's an art form that's a challenging gift that I don't take for granted.

On some rare and special occasions, I chose to elaborate my thoughts on distinctly personal thoughts of concern and caring about some "colored" folk who are close to me or who I know in some professional manner. This is one of those times.

I was notified last night that a close buddy of mine, who I haven't seen in a long time, was dealing with a battle with cancer. The news hit me square in the heart because I know that cancer is no joke to the "hue-man" body, mind and spirit.

This buddy of mine had not been in the best of health in recent years, and I regretfully hadn't been in touch like I used to. I have been going through some trials of my own in recent years, and I just fell down on my keeping in touch repertoire job like I was accustomed to doing. Sounds familiar?

As I sat back trying to digest the news of my buddy's illness, and knowing that I had this column submission deadline, I was led to write what I'm presenting to you now. It has made me want to say something to you and the rest of the so-called "American People," a bandied term that, in my opinion, needs to be clarified somewhat.

You see, my buddy is someone who has been very close and helpful to me in the past when even some of my so call family and cut buddies never have been. Does that also sound familiar, and I offer that in absentia scenario without any disrespect or neglected love for any of my so-called blood kin or invisible bosom buddies?

When the news of my buddy's health condition hit me, I was stunned for a short while because, out of nowhere, I had a very spiritual wake up call. I recognize that life, to all of us so-called American People, is as fragile as a fading second in God Alone's time watch because I know, in the parlance of hip talk, "stuff happens in the literal blink of an eye." Need I say anymore?

Even though I speak from spiritual realms in most of my sentiments with intended meaningful messages, I must follow suite in my thoughts today because life is a precious commodity. And existing in the living process in this phase is definitely nothing to take for granted.

One's physical, mental and spiritual states of beings are always challenged in the America of today. My dear buddy's condition has taught me, as it should you and others, that you, nor I or they, never know what another "colored" soul in the Creator Alone's creation is going through or has to deal with.

I'm reminded of that reality as I humbly see that life is forever a matter of a delicate balance between spiritual awareness and manifest destiny. I hope that you as a dedicated "colored" reader of my columns never forget that.

Oh, by the way, I call all of God Alone's created folk of "hue-manity" by the term because my late mother taught me to refer to the all children of the Most High Alone as "colored." My late mother was a wise, religious lady, who loved everyone, no matter their ethnicity, even though I, sometimes, couldn't comprehend the depth of her teaching prowess or universal rationale at all times. Simply, everyone was "colored" in her view.

She would tell me in sickness and health to never forget the "colored" ones who were there for you. That resounding insight is reverberating through my head at this very moment as I'm reflecting on the knowledge that my "colored" buddy, who's been there for me, is dealing with such a frightening disease like cancer at this time.

Somehow, from the bottom of my emotional soul, I wish that my buddy gets well and knows that God Alone is in control of everything. I guess you could say I'm offering a heartfelt and sincere "Get Well" wish for my buddy because every "colored" soul's family and friends need to know that we're all going to be tested by the Most High Alone in some unspecified shape, manner or form.

I've later found out that my buddy will know this week if the cancer is in remission. I pray and certainly hope so, because I believe in the everlasting power of prayer. It does work, and it performs wonders for a believing soul.

I would like you to say a little prayer for my buddy, who you probably don't know, because every little bit helps. My buddy would appreciate it as I would too. Prayer heals when nothing else does. Try it. You'll love it.

In conclusion, if you are a true American, please remember that we all are fortunate to be born here, and even with the myriad of complex problems facing our beloved nation, it's still home. No matter whether you're Brown, Red, Yellow, Black, White, or mixed in between, you're still tenuously existing in the living process, never really knowing exactly what the next moment's test(s) will yield for you.

So, with that in mind, let's wish the best in good health and love for each other, including my buddy during these these trying times. Let's destroy the cancers of ignorance and racism that destroys our country from within itself, both politically and ethnically.

That's why I am sending a "Get Well" message today, not only to my buddy, but I'm also I'm sending it to "The American People." I'm wishing you health, love and success in all your struggles. Get better soon my buddy. "Get Well"America. I love you my buddy, and my prayers are there for you and the rest of our nation too.

Keep the faith and always remember that "Thoughts are synonymous to actions." Be strong. Take care and keep God Alone as your focus because all things are possible with the Creator Alone. For now and forever, that's, "As I See It."

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