Monday, September 26, 2016  
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Spring is a Vision of You
3/16/2016 4:27:21 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It's that wonderful time of the year again when the flowers of nature are blooming with such splendor that my eyes are ablaze with joy and fascination. What can I say except that it's obviously springtime, and it's marvelous.

I'm a nature lover at heart, who appreciates the finer naturalistic things in creation, and there's no better time than now to embrace that reality. To me all of nature's seasons are distinct love songs for the senses, but this spectacular time of the year miraculously takes my breath away at times.

Springtime is about feeling a renewed sense of rejuvenated awareness bursting forth right before me as I casually, but humbly, acknowledge the varied and colorful natural creations of the Creator Alone exploding all over the landscape in my worlds of existences. It's forever continually a mind blower to my enlightened senses, knowing only God Alone is the architect of this sensational phenomena.

I'm really at peace now with myself as I feel that the drastic change from winter's frigid chill to this mind expanding milder weather zone is a comfort to me and all other kindred minded "colored"folk of creation. I trust that you know that all created "hue-mans" are considered "colored" in my natural breakdown of respectful views "As I See It."

That includes you and all of the colorful ethnicities of life who may have been mentally frozen during this recent pasty wintry season with constant trials and a few unpleasantness. Well, to one and all, even with all that, I must still say that the time is now to regroup and reenergize one's during each new coming moment, day and season because they offer untold opportunities to change one's lot for the better.

I've always believed in and teach that "thoughts are synonymous to actions" and what better time to put that philosophy to work than now. Please don't just read that last sentiment without absorbing what it really says and is implying in its fullest spiritual inclinations.

Nature, in all of its glory, has a stunning way of reflecting how life's contrasting natural seasons can teach us something also about handling and dealing with some of our own mood changes, if we step back, check our emotions and reflect awhile. God Alone is the very best knower, and He alone makes no mistakes when He Alone is showing or revealing something to us.

Think carefully about that thought from me to you as you take an impromptu, quick virtual mind trip tour through some of the personal changes that you've experienced and presently going through in some of the past and present seasons of your life's existences. Don't be in a hurry to respond.

Were all your realities harsh and bitter, or were they soothing and delightful in your seasons of reflection? Would you describe them as wintering, summered, fall like or even springing in vibratory importance to you?

No matter how you describe what you've have been through and, maybe, now are experiencing, it's still about describing and living through and in the various seasonal changes of (your) life. Never purposely misunderstand that because life should, in my view, show us the corollary between life's natural seasons and us, and how some of our "hue-manistic" mood swings and inner thoughts intertwine during the twelve months of the year.

We, as "colored" folk of created existence, experience and go through extremes in our dispositions like the seasons of the year in a figurative manner of speaking. Sometimes, if you are not afraid of learning about logical truth and realize that you're not perfect, don't be afraid to look at nature, its signs and yourself in different ways of symbolic connectivity.

Learn to be at peace with yourself and nature. Enjoy them both equally. Love yourself and the seasons for what you and they are. Also, celebrate life and the spiritual living process for what it was created to be by the Most High Alone.

Hopefully, with that being a clearly understood actually, I thank the Most High Alone for allowing me and you to be here in this sacred space called a moment. It's scintillating sharing that vibe with you during this spectacular seasonal time of the year that has me appreciating life even more so.

Recognizing spring as I do seems to make me consolidate my spiritual thoughts of and about the All-Mighty Alone because I see the awesome power of creation at its magnificent best right before my eyes when I'm in any season of the year. They all unfold themselves before me and you in so many stupendous dimensions until I can't explain in any utter way than to say that it's simply breathless because God Alone is ultimate designer of everything and everyone.

So, again, please take the time to walk in and observe this year's springtime vibes with your self, your family or with that special soulmate in your life in graceful peace and respect love for what you witness and behold. Nature is a love song talking to you and others if you'll only look and listen carefully at what you're observing and hearing.

Be privileged enough to know that what you're experiencing is by no means an accident or a casual happening. It's the divine tapestry of God, the Creator Alone, of everything and everyone displayed before you, without imitation.

"Spring is (also) a Vision of You." Enjoy it all including the moments you share with you, yourself and I. Peace be with you all during this season and throughout the other ones of the year, and for today, that's, "As I See It." 

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