Tuesday, September 27, 2016  
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Life is a Story Unto Itself
3/9/2016 2:38:33 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

"Life is a Story Unto Itself." As you read that sentence, highlighted and all, I wonder if you realize how significant a factor that really, really is in your day-to-day recognition?

I do and I know that some created beings of color in existence take that for granted, and that is a shame. No, make that a travesty, because without the God Alone created living process where would you, me and everyone else in existence be?

For some reason I'm heading into an unavoidable discussion with you, myself and others today about life and the respect that should be given to each other and to our creation. It's not a rather mundane thought, but it's a persuasively engulfing one that I have now because I know all-too-well that the next moment is not promised to me, you or anyone else for that matter.

Think about that very carefully as you realize that life is about experiencing the spiritual joys of being in the here and now. Albeit, it's a fragile moment in meditative existence because no one knows when death will call, and it surely will, so don't think for a single moment that you, me or others will escape or delay that voyage of destiny. That pure conscious reality makes me know that this truly precious moment, right now, doing what I'm doing, has me focusing on life being the pertinent tale that's relevant. It is indeed a most provocative narrative unto itself.

I'd like you to focus on that pensive scenario as you put the smartphone down because there's nothing wiser than to know that the natural libretto of life is giving glory to the Most High Alone for allowing you, me and others to be a part of the only story that's worthy of recognition. It's about living, oftentimes plain, sometimes fancy and most of the times in between.

It's not an anecdote to be taken for granted because, very candidly, "Life is a Story Unto Itself." Please never forget that as you prepare for your next moment in existence to do whatever it is that you think you'll be doing, but remember--it's no guarantee that you'll be alive in the next here and now to accomplish that.

I say that to you in the tenderness of this thing we call a second, knowing fully well that life's trials and tests galore await me, you, our families, friends, enemies, etc., with storyline unpredictable uncertainties galore. No one but the Creator Alone knows the future because life, being what it is, is God Alone's created realm, or storybook, and He (Alone) knows the exact length of our being a part of its next page, or moment, in time.

If our individual lives are likened to written scripted books, then only God Alone, not any created man or woman, knows when the chapters will end for everyone. That's some heady spiritual stuff to see if you can or will put into your electronic gadget for immediate answers to tell one's fate in the living process.

Life is a basic platform account of existence where we see new life in created formats come into existence daily and seasonally, as we witness the passing of the elders, and even the young, right before our eyes and present mind-sets. No amount of tears can bring back the dead into this life. Life is a gift.

Only God Alone, not man or woman, creates life and He Alone takes it away right before our eyes, and all this should remind us that "Life is a Story Unto Itself." The cherished breath of life we breathe is a whispering reminder of the peaceful fragility of a single moment in time to recall that we should be about making this arena in time, in the here and now, a space better for all of the earth's "hue-manity" to live in harmony with each other and nature. Life is love.

Hate no one. I love the fact that the Creator Alone created us all differently. It is a story unto itself for the peaceful thinking souls of life and nature who are trying to make sense of what few delicate moments in existence we all may have left. Life is about worship.

As I check out the world-at-large around me, complete with its now present technological gadgets and instant know how, I'm drawn back into a somewhat time warp of relishing the natural phenomena of a quieter time when times were special and much more real in a down-to-earth style of relating to one another. Life is a remembrance. It was a simpler transition for me then because I recall moments in those times when I could actually talk to a "hue-man" and not a machine for conversation. I also recall the time when respect for sisters, brothers and others was familiar and not a political debate.

Somehow, I feel that some of us in today's "hue-manity" may have forgotten what normal respect and recurrent decencies were as new and inept chapters are written into the novel way some folk see and do things. To each his own is the best line I can offer to this current storyboard of thinking.

I'm old school to the core, if that's what you want to label me. Yes, I'm stuck on the only basic premise that the Creator Alone of everything and everyone is but One, unique and unparalleled. Without the One Alone, Who (Alone) creates everything in existence, there would be no story to tell. I don't think that's not too complicated to figure out. Life is real.

Though life to some is a complex story unto itself, its intended peaceful symbolism implies that we should be about having respect for each other, even if we disagree, and to respect the environment. That story must never be forgotten because it's as old as the prefaces and indexes of time itself. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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