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Professor Runoko Rashidi Visits the Lowcountry
3/2/2016 1:28:56 PM

Charleston Chronicle reporter Hakim Abdul-Ali (left) and Dr. Runoko Rashidi (right) pose for a photo prior to Dr. Rashidi’s informative lecture in North Charleston on February 23, 2016
By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Nationally known African consciousness lecturer and global truth seeker Dr. Runoko Rashidi appeared in the Lowcountry on February 22, 2016, delivering a timely presentation entitled "Uncovering the African Past."

Dr. Rashidi spoke before just under 60 people in North Charleston at the Central Station Building in its inner front lobby which was transformed into a serious mini-amphitheater style accommodation. The building, housing five distinct ethnic businesses, including a popular telephone MetroPCS enterprise, is a Black cultural consciousness hub, and it's located at 1418 Remount Road in North Charleston.

An acknowledged author and essayist, Dr. Rashidi is the author of "Introduction to the Study of African Classical Civilizations" and he has edited "Unchained African Voices." This dedicated researcher is a member of the editorial board of Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies (www.jpanafican.org).

Being an acclaimed researcher concerned about the African existence in the diaspora, Dr. Rashidi has been on a mission of educating and bringing African consciousness to the mainstream's attention. His message on February 23 was one of a continuing format that has characterized Him and his ongoing love for teaching African History and informing the masses about the Motherland's descendants scattered throughout the world.

Dr. Rashidi was an energetic and flawless presenter, sitting in an office chair the entire program, while talking about African History and flashing more and more astonishing images of interconnected Black people from seemingly everywhere that you couldn't geographically image existed. He coupled his slideshow presentation with relevant and infectious wisdom about the African experience.

During his two hours and "some extra minutes" lecture Dr. Rashidi mentioned that originally he had only intended to visit about 65 countries in his initial research on the African Diaspora. He told the audience that he has now visited between 112-113 countries and, by the end of this current year, that number will increase to 120.

Complete with a panoramic slideshow and mixed with his scholarly insights and occasional comical tidbits, the professor and his presentation took the audience to here, there and in between in the world as it visited far corner lands of the earth where the African seed is very evident. It was a stunning eye opener for many people to see in visual authenticity. It was Black "Our-storically" captivating.

The engaging slideshow took you to Vietnam, Thailand, Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine, and the Persian Gulf, among other diverse global cultural locales in testifying and witnessing to the scattered African presence in the universe of connected and isolated nations. You could tell by the attentiveness of the audience that they were into Professor Rashidi's relaxed systematic visual presentations, especially when he highlighted South Asia, for example, showcasing its existing natural blonde African descendant people.

Dr. Rashidi, who holds an honorary doctorate degree from Amen-Ra Thological Seminary In Los Angeles, California, in an interview with me before his lecture, related that he considered himself a "race man." Upon further elaboration he explained that he felt that way was a valid term to describe him because he was only following the great teachers, writers and thinkers of the '20s and 30s, who uplifted our race with legitimate scholarship and prideful knowledge of self. It was a term of endearment.

The program, beginning at approximately 7:30 p.m., lasted about three hours with the audience giving rapt attention to Dr. Rashidi's all-consuming emphasis on the academic importance of recognizing the place where Mother Africa and her descendant people stand in the world's population equation.

With the use of his skillful Powerpoint presentation, the renowned lecturer cemented the audience curiosities with valid scenes of the African descendants in various nations and locales of the world. It can be fair to assume that many of the people who were there may not have recognized or envisioned historically speaking the depth of the global African geographical population.

If you were there for this dynamic presentation, you would have seen the love and admiration those in attendance had for this 61-year-old scholar. They loved him, and it seems that he was touching everyone there with his sincere and profound message of Black self-love and being educational astute.

Dr. Rashidi also reminded the audience of the crucial importance of never forgetting the scholars who came before him and the roles they played in building a conscious awareness in us. He candidly also told the audience of how many of the Africans in his visual presentation resemble many of them and other well known African-Americans.

All this was done in a warm and totally respectful setting that established the evening's pro-Afrocentric awareness love fest theme. It truly was an "our-storical" event of considerable merit, and it definitely was an informative happening. Professor Dr. Runoko Rashidi delivered the Black History goods that evening.

Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Ann Moore Submitted: 3/10/2016
I am so hurt that I did not know about this event. I don't have the $ to travel Africa with him but I'm wouldve paid to hear him lecture right here. Is there an email registry or liason who can send out emails to those who seek knowledge and want to hear our master teachers? Pleas advise

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