Monday, September 26, 2016  
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North Charleston Police
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With Fond Memories of "The Folks"
2/24/2016 6:03:05 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali   

Living today in many arenas of existences is and can be a trying episode, even for Black folk. The trials of life are what no one can avoid because it's as natural as the air we breathe. 
Life experiences or tests are everywhere for all the ethnic "colored" folk of " hue-manity," and that includes you and all other created souls in today's multicultural theater of existence. And into this arena the reality of understanding the basic truism  that "it is what it is" is a must to keep handy at the forefront of everyone's spiritual thoughts.
Life is fascinating and, in so many cases, its tests are so prevalent until we have no choice but to savor each moment that comes our ways with faith and understanding.

That's what my late mother used to say to me whenever she was teaching me something about the reality of living in a world filled with uncertainties and prejudices.
Her rationale was that life and its after effects was like viewing a daily weather forecast. She said you never can tell what the weather is going to be like, its all from God. You probably know what she meant by that and, if not, I'll try to explain it a little bit more.
Mom would say that life with all of its trials, tests and ordeals is likened to everyday's unpredictable weather. She would articulate, "Sometimes, it rains and sometimes, it's sunny."
My mother would continue by saying that in some parts of the world, the cold snow hits the ground all year round, and those folks living there have to bundle up in order to stay warm, and in other locales, the hot blazing sand serves as a magic carpet for the inhabitants who live near it while they shed much of their clothing to fight the heat.
In many ways, as I think of my mother's ways of breaking things down to their simplest norms of comprehension for me to understand the necessities of life, I'm humbled. I feel that way because my mom and her generation, as folk of color, were special kinds of teaching "hue-man" beings, in that, they were always looking towards the bright side of life and its weather shades (tests and uncertainties) with a positive outlook, no matter what the obvious bigotries, calamities, trials and other problems facing them were.
This Black History month and I think of those folk. Those older "colored" folk of yesteryear's Afro-America were a generation unto themselves where they practiced love and respect for each other and others, for the most part, with a greater sense of family loyalty. They seemed to smile with and support each other in ways you don't see too often today.
"The Folk" of my parents era were the generational epitome of the Black communities everywhere across this country wherever African-Americans lived. 
Even with their unlimited burdens, my parents' and "The Folks'" generation seemed to hang in there during difficult times with a lasting aura of pride in who they were as struggling individuals and as a positively spiritually minded collective of souls. I salute them with love.
Also, I miss those "folks" because of who they "really" were and, of course, I miss my mom and dad. I think of them often because they were my world as I knew it to be in my center of Blackness and family. Sometimes, life is not fair, like the old folk used to say, but my parents would say always to "be proud of your folk," no matter who they are.
As I've gotten older, I've learned, through my advanced didactic studies of global religions, the African culture and the unique African-American experience, to  embrace the sacred memories of family and of those "colored" heroes and sheroes of America and beyond with a special fondness. If you're of color, I hope you do feel where I'm coming from also as the month of February fades into another distant calendar listing.
Yes, "Black Lives Matters" because life is what the Most High Alone gives us all, including Americans, and every moment is a selected golden opportunity to embrace it with vigor and vitality. We should be at peace with nature and the greater world-at-large. 
Be fond of your heritage and please respect others for theirs. We all are the ethnic "colored" souls of creation whether we recognize it or not. 
I thank the Creator Alone for all of those past and present "colored"folk of "hue-manitty" who've  enrich my life as you should for those who did likewise for you. They all should be fondly admired and cherished.
I hope that as you read this you'll think back fondly of those "special" family and other folk in your life who are no longer here. Remember them with fondness and love always. Give glory only to God Alone (and no other) because that's where you came from by  His Alone's  permission. 
Never forget that.
Also, please never forget that "all" of our ancestors came from the Motherland's roots of existence. My parents always taught me that and to be very, very proud of who I am. And that means so much to me today, just as it did when I was growing up in and under my parents' care. Be mindful of "The Folks" in your history.
With that, I'll conclude by saying something else mom told me and that was to cultivate respect for all, but don't forget "The Motherland" in the process. 
Cherish and love your past and present  family, whoever they are. They, like the generations past, help make you and I who we are today.
"The Folks" of yesteryear's Black America would tell everyone to have love for all of God's creations and have hatred for no one. That seems to be a timely reminder and universal message  that's especially for today's generation." With Fond Memories of the Folks' " teachings fresh in my heart, soul and mind, I wish you and your family unity and that's, "As I See It."


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