Monday, September 26, 2016  
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North Charleston Police
Do you think that the North Charleston Police Department has taken appropriate steps towards reform a year after the Walter Scott shooting?
Willie Wilson: The Race To The Primary
2/10/2016 4:50:03 PM

This past Saturday Dr. Wilson donated a $3,000.00 check to the historical Phillis Wheatley community center in Greenville, South Carolina.
By Patrice Smith

Dr. Willie Wilson is still on his quest to become the next president of the United States and he’s hitting the campaign trail hard in South Carolina.

“I’m still meeting with a number of different leaders each time I visit South Carolina and I’m being received well. I believe I will pick up some delegates from the upcoming primary.” Wilson says.

Dr. Wilson brought on 30 more people to help canvass the state.

“They are doing Greenville, Florence, Charleston, Columbia and coastal South Carolina in heavily populated African American areas.” according to Dr. Wilson.

These grass root workers include the young spirited group Black Lives Matter that Wilson says is going into smaller, often forgotten South Carolina towns to create a presence. Dr. Wilson puts his support behind Black Lives Matter because he understands their frustration.

“These young folks are sick of seeing young black men and now women gunned down. I know they’re angry but I try to encourage them to have peaceful marches”.

Wilson says he supports many of their views because they are fighting for a cause and he believes Black Lives Matter is a civil rights movement. He disagrees that they get mad and won’t vote.

“I’ve given some of them money to run for council and state senate so they can participate in the political process and see how it’s supposed to work.”

Meantime Dr. Wilson is having problems with the way the democratic process is supposed to work. Some states are still denying him access to their ballots.

“Florida wouldn’t even talk to me. Alabama said I missed the deadline, which I didn’t and in North Carolina and Georgia I’m not a sanctioned democrat and if they don’t consider you sanctioned there’s nothing you can do about it.” according to Wilson who says he did everything that Hillary Clinton did to get on the ballot.

“These states are going against their own affirmative action codes. It’s very disappointing.” Wilson says.

But he’s not giving up. Dr. Wilson’s denial case is going before the Mississippi Supreme Court on Thursday.

“I got 13 hundred names on the petition and was told I couldn’t be on the ballot. My lawyer contacted the Democratic Party chairman who told the Mississippi secretary of state that a mistake was made but he wouldn’t let me on the ballot. A district court sided with the Democratic Party so we took the case to the state Supreme Court.”

If elected president, Dr. Wilson says he would ensure that other candidates don’t experience what he did.

“They take the African American vote for granted. How can you deny an African American to be on the ballot yet you want the African American vote?”

Wilson is trying to get the vote. His campaign ads are running on all the major networks and cable stations. And giant billboards can be seen along I-26 heading towards Charleston. “I want people to know that they have an option.” Wilson says.

Wilson’s platform includes economic empowerment, penal system reform and forgiving student loan debt. The South Carolina Democratic Primary is February 27, 2016.

Learn more about Dr. Wilson’s run for the presidency at and text WillieWilson to 313131.

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