Tuesday, September 27, 2016  
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Sunday Morning Vibes About Racism
2/3/2016 6:07:22 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It's that time again when I have to crank up my thoughts to write this article. The challenge is always upon me and other like-minded columnists and writers, who do what we do on a regular basis, to get it done one more time.

In thinking about the pressing task at hand, I'm summoning things from the cobwebs of my conscious awareness as reflective vibes lead me to, hopefully, develop another article that will stir your imagination for the better. I always desire and attempt to bring a point of relevance to the readers' minds.

And for some unknown reason, all that presently comes to my mind is to briefly address the subject of racism in our country and the rest of the world and what should be done to demolish it. This topic is as real as real can get, and it still haunts me as it does many other God Alone fearing ethnic "colored" segments of society to this very day. We all live in and around the specter of injustice.

You see, if you did not know it by now, racism and discrimination are twin cancers of mutual unjust destructions to the minds of "hue-manity" everywhere an oppressed "colored" being, or "hue-man" souls, of created existence lives and resides. He, she, or they, live with these deadly sectarian viruses every second of realistic existence just like you and I do. It stinks.

Sadly, wherever racialism exists, it takes no prisoners because its counter productive virus is like a silent killer against the propagation of establishing common respect for universal brotherhood and sisterhood of " hue-manity" everywhere. Racial prejudice, in any format, is what it is, and the world continuously suffers now from this wrath just as it did in the annals of yesteryears gone by. Study "his-story!"

Many "colored" folk think bigotry in this day and age should have long been evacuated from the hearts and minds of "hue-manity" but, unfortunately, I think that it's still lingering in "some" you know who I mean folk's thoughts and actions big time. Just look around around you, as I am and have, with an objective view of things, and you'll see that in some not-so-clandestine political, athletic, social, educational, business and entertainment circles, covert racism and discriminations endures like the air we breathe.

For example, from the recent Oscars' nominations to immigrant concerns to abysmal homelessness to the nation's problematic continual miseducation systems to the harsh realities of living in many of the concrete jungles of inner city and rural America, systematic discriminations and inherent racism toward many ethnic and religious folk of color exists. You can add to the list from your own experiences if you choose to.

I only touch on a few of the general areas where racialism exists in our society. These few become and are the many, if the instances where freedom for all must be invisibly printed on the exit ramp marker of democracy's highway, pointing to or indicating that equality for "every" American, is leading many disillusioned "colored" folk of this potentially great nation to a nowhere destination or belief.

Think deeply about this last statement. It would seem that, if you and I look at the political scene, as a billboard of today's America, the Beautiful, it, sometimes, is not "really, really" meant for everyone in this salad bowl connection with its alleged motto of assorted ethnic diversity and religious freedom. I'm not afraid to put this out there for you to read, because many ethnic folk, White, Brown, Red and Black, have expressed their disgusting uptightness with American racism and apartheid-like discriminations to me which have and has had adverse effects upon their emotional and philosophical psyches as Americans.

I know that to some "fortunate" folk who are not affected by the racial issue, whoever they are, this may not apply, but to the ever-increasing diverse ethnic populations, who are "coloring" and changing America's multi-cultured landscape, this does matter. From aware and determined young folk in the Black Lives Movement to various politically astute individuals of all racial,religious and ethnic dimensions, who are trying to bring about change or at least proclaiming some sort of awareness message, racism and overt discriminations are vociferously under attack.

It seems everyone who comes under the foul scent of bigotry in America and elsewhere knows that something is wrong, and anyone who is under the scope of any type of bias knows that somethings must and should be done to eradicate this menace to society. Narrow mindedness on this subject makes us all victims in waiting and laziness gets no one props for only "thinking" that something's wrong with this issue. Speak out against racial policies.

Stand firm. Action is required. If you're of color in this country and are aware, I do not have to emphasize, or remind you, of that persistent reality check as this year's current global geo-political arenas illustrates what really is going on. Your vote speaks action. Don't misuse it. Be counted.

Simply put, "some" politicos are closet racists and there seems to be more of the same old, dogmatic divisional diatribe spreading throughout the political airwaves like crazy. Just listen to the majority of the candidates and what they are saying. I ask you, professionally and compassionately, "Does what they are saying 'really,really' include you and the nation's other 'colored' folk's issues and concerns?"

Please don't be afraid to answer that in the privacy of a truthful inner pang that makes you also ask painfully, "Who are the American People" if you're not included, no matter what your skin color is, where you were born or what you spiritually belief system is or if you believe in anything at all?"

These are only some of my Sunday morning vibes reflecting on some real problems that abound in this country and the world and its affects that are disruptive in so many ways to our nation and the global world being really great for all. Speak out against injustice. Stand firm for justice.

We must destroy racism and bigotry. This is a long standing preoccupation with me and I think, respectively, it should be yours and many other " hue-mans' " preoccupations also. We can make a difference. Know who's in your corner you vote. Speak out and stand firm.

For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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