Tuesday, September 27, 2016  
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Understanding is a Precious Tool
1/27/2016 5:38:38 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

I was talking to a young brother the other day about a concern that he was having, and he was telling me about the fact that he couldn't see why some people do so many stupid (his word) things in the world. He then asked me what I thought about that.

Before answering, I, of course, thought about addressing such a broad area and how should I respond to his question. I thought about replying very carefully because I knew, by the tenor of his inquiry, that he was looking for some further validation of his own self-opinionated view points on the topic-at- hand.

Before proceeding and understanding that reality, I knew and know that, to some "colored" folk, the very puzzling nature of informal and confidential understanding is a valuable instrument in any wise "hue-man's" daily communication work chest. So, I chose in speaking with the young brother to simply refer to understanding as a "tool," and I'll do the same in speaking with you today also.

I believe that on a diurnal basis, communication of all sorts with anyone is a vital "instrument" in building comradely and establishing trust as strong basis of respect for one another, no matter what that relationship may be. It can be trying and taxing at times, but from family ties to office camaraderie to meeting someone for the very first time, we have to understand that all of the ethnic "colored" folk of the universe are who they are, and we must know that before we speak to anyone.

My rationale for saying that is that I've become increasingly aware over the years that most "colored" folks of creation are like leopards--they all have spots (mores and personas) and, no matter where they go, they carry or bring these "spots" with them. That's a given reality of life that I've found to be an unshakable actuality. Do yo feel where I'm coming from with that analogy?

I asked and related same to the young brother, hoping that he understood that "life is what it is," and "hue-man" beings, complete with their distinctive "spots" of likes and dislikes, are who they are. All global ethnic "colored" folk of "hue-manity," in so many instances, being social animals and robotic victims that they are and coming from so many diverse backgrounds, with their different cultural philosophies, racial prejudices and historical upbringings are simply who they are as a result of those indoctrinations and processing.

This struck a nerve with my young friend as he tried to rationalize the myriad of disturbing national and worldly happenings. I told him that only God Alone creates peace, but "hue-mankind" invents hatreds, and maybe that's why we seem to going through the the games of life that so of us non-thinkers are going through because we don't obey the rules of God Alone.

When one understands that simple truism, it shouldn't be hard to assess why the world-at-large is so crazy and in constant chaotic state of flux while questioning who's behind the havoc that exists everywhere. If you don't understand this certainty, you'll forever be lost in a spiritual abyss and looking for a political savior malaise trying to help you remain where you're at.

Many folk play games with your mind when you don't understand the tricks of Intolerance. Ask yourself, for example, which one of any of the opposing political candidates really gives a darn about you, your folk and your concerns to no avail. Hmm!

Continuing, I further told the young brother that "Understanding is ( such)a Precious Tool"until he has to activate his mind to study as many "legitimate" things about the different "colored" folks of the world's beliefs, politics, histories and customs, etc. The young brother heard me say honestly that I believe that it must be done also from studying what "their" authentic scholars have to say about their history and their own collective realities in an ever-expanding world of racial, religious and ethnic cleansing. Process that.

"Understanding as a Tool" can lead to freeing one's mind of faulty colonial miseducation and political enslavement to things that just don't make things. Once you understand the real nature of a thing or being, I believe you'll be better equip to go forward in a more timely, progressive and beneficial standard as you set the pathway for you and your family becoming part of the elusive "The American People" menagerie.

That's something else the young Afro brother was trying to figure out as he, being of ebony color, wanted to know why Black people were always fighting for rights that should be theirs by birth. Others have it, but Blacks, in reality, sure don't, because like an endless saga in attempting to understand the complex racial and "his-storical" paranormals of American society and politics, if you're of color, separate and unequal are subtleties that most "colored" folk covertly know and understand firsthand. It's a fact.

The Black Experience in America is a unique trip down so many corridors of pains, hardships, inequalities and struggles until you have to understand the stealth nature of the bald eagle's politics and racism,if you dare. I told the young brother he has to study and stop partying his life away because "a mind (his mind) is a terrible thing to waste."

I also say that to you because, by not using the connective tools of understanding and thinking, you may destroy your house (mind) before it is completed. Remember that "thoughts are synonymous to actions" and "you are what you think." Now, do see why I said understanding is a "tool," and does that make sense to you?

If it does, then you know how important a role learning about any and all things in your worlds of existences plays in what you understand. After talking with me, the young said he did. I trust that you do also, and for today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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