Monday, September 26, 2016  
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Which Resolutions Really Matter?
1/7/2016 12:44:49 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Now that the new Gregorian year is officially in and the merry, cherry holiday mystique is over, I wonder what has become of those recently voiced, or should I politely say, "iffy" resolutions that so many wishful ethnic "colored" folk of this country made prior to January 1. Were you one of those folks, or are you ideally on your way to initiating your resolution(s) with verve and dedication?

Hmm! Think about it for a while, and while you do, remember that a dream deferred, even for a day, for some patriotically disillusioned and many economically oppressed folk is a potential resolution unfulfilled. "Which Resolutions Really Matter" and to whom does it benefit in the long scheme of things?

In large sectors of America, blunt reality hits hope when a dream deferred is only a coverup for inner hopelessness, personal loneliness and abject poverty of positive thoughts. When this happens, as they surely do, "Which Resolutions Really Matter?

I don't know about you but I do believe that it's time to seriously take stock out of what's going on in many corridors of our worlds of existences here in the bald eagle's patriotic domain. Life, after all, is rapidly moving on at a technologically, ever-so-quick pace, in case you didn't know it, until "hue-mans" are being replaced by apps, gadgets and schisms galore.

Knowing you, as I believe that I do, you're probably on point with that awareness, and I assume that you're making your resolutions come to fruition. "Which Resolutions Really Matter" to you?

Listen. This political nation that we live in has many urgent problems and dire issues that it needs to be addressed and tightened up with no delays needed. In many norms, it, sadly, our elected honchos didn't resolve them last year, nor did they vehemently address or seriously engage many of them in other past fruitless years of bureaucratic diatribes and unsuccessful legislative resolutions. Their debates are endless.

Predicaments like chronic racial denials and quasi-political discriminations abound like the leaves falling from the tress in New England during the fall. Our nation's public miseducation plantation school systems, year after year, are a universal abysmal mess and that is a truthful resolution nightmare made all-too-real.

And, maybe, problematic concerns like homelessness and looking out for many of our veterans, who've served our country so valiantly, need to be taken care of and addressed with timely results, are, in many instances, hollow resolutions that are only sound bites for a particular political moment in time. "Which Resolutions Really Matter?

Are you still thinking? And while you are, please don't forget, for example, the horrendous and sickening denials about why so many American Black youth perpetually seem to be dying, year after disgusting year, in our inner cities and on the highways and byways of America in epic and escalating numbers. No civic resolution can bring back a murdered Black soul to a grieving family in the North Charlestons and Fergusons of the land. Take note.

Now, I wonder out loudly about the widening gap between the have and have-nots in this country where ethnicity, gender and skin color (still as it always has) plays a big factor in just about every thing. You name it, and if you don't realize that to be a reality by now, maybe you're just forgetting some of your and "our" collective retreaded New Year's resolutions from yesteryears back that were not fulfilled in any shape, manner or form. I haven't.

Thinking about some of the begrudging resolutions for "our" nation's progressive policies of equality for all has me befuddled at times, especially when I think if, when or does it really apply to people of color, particularly Black folk in moral fairness. Don't be mad because I offered that heartfelt view, because many people of color still feel, think and experience corporal pangs of some form of American styled apartheid racism every year with no end in sight.

As a brother of color, who loves my religion, culture and country, I sometimes wonder, as I wonder once more, just what is being a proud American (really) is all about if I, too, can't (and don't) have the right to believe in what my ancestors true religion was about. The truth is the light, and following someone else's beliefs absolutely and systematically has never been a sound faithful resolution unless those mandates are from the prophets and messengers of God Alone. "Which Resolutions Really Matter?"

I wonder if professed resolutions of dignity and respect for all is ever to be had for many neglected, marginalized and subjugated people of color by only making whimsical utterances to the winds of colonial time without realizing "it ain't ever morally gonna happen." I do believe in the power of prayer to the Creator Alone, but it must be backed with actions towards those aims. "Which Resolutions Really Matter?"

Acquisitive resolutions about ethnic self-pride and communal togetherness sound good, but rarely do you see it practice, and I say that because I haven't seen it too often in abundance. That's one resolution, if it was ever made, that we all as so -called Americans should be held to accountability by all of the varied panoramic ethnic communities of this land. I mean that!

And now, Black People! What are you going to do this year in support of and resolving some of the real issues that are impacting your personal, our collective African -American and the nation's inclusive lives which comprises so many wonderful ethnic mixtures. We are all one, and we must remember that "Black Lives Matter," just as importantly as "All (other) Lives Matter" too.

This year should challenge all loyal, law-abiding and respectful ethnically conscious citizens, and that includes the African-American populace, to devote more time to study their authentic historic past, without prejudice and malice, so that they maybe able to progress culturally in more unified examples. Is that a resolution worth keeping, and does it really matter to do so?

I truly hope that you'll agree with me about this key resolution, because as I look ahead to the remaining days of this new year, I truly hope for much peace, respect, clarity and harmony among "The American People." I also pray for all the political craziness to lessened and religious divineness to desist. Did I hear you mutter, "Good luck and happy trails on that one?"

Let's pray for unity. For today and always, let's make America what it claims to be--a home of the free, with respect for all. That's a resolution that matters to me, and it should to you, and that's, "As I See it."


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