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A Motto for Every Year
12/29/2015 5:50:25 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

It's that time of the Gregorian year when New Year's resolutions abound. I guess you could say that it's customary for some ethnic "colored" folk to do so while many others don't, but I would rather think that those who do are initially sincere in keeping their hopeful vows and wishful intents.

That's good because I believe in the power of positive thinking and vows of intended transforming declarations, if they are deemed positive in one's mind and actions, are very good to have, profess and to move toward the fulfillment of those stated aims. Many times some of these desirable folks quickly fall short of their (expressed) intended goals by lack of commitment, and they plummet back into their same old bad habits, etc. of yesteryear.

Today, on the eve of this year's New Year celebration, I'd like to offer my resolution to you that I hold to that's for every year and for every living "hue-man" soul in creation who's walking, standing or sitting on the face of the earth. It's a simple resolution, or motto, if you will, that I believe will serve all who express it with bounteous blessings and rewards.

My "Every Year" motto is to "Praise the Creator Alone in and under all circumstances." Like I said it's simple, stimulating, and penetrating but it is a timely and marvelous reminder that everyone should not and must not forget Who Alone has him or her here in the mere and now. Never take that for granted as some folk do.

No matter what your religious belief is or what your spiritual inclinations maybe, you were created by the Most High Alone and only given one precious moment in time and space to savor, so don't blow it by forgetting to (always) give homage to God Alone and no other.

I hope that you know the reality of what I just said, because it's not a given that you're going to be here tomorrow or next year for that matter. Can I get an Amen on that!

Some abstract-minded souls, who are spiritually bereft and mentally blindsided by forgetfulness, may not truly understand what I'm hinting at before trying times or death smacks them down, and they are literally down for the count. Sadly, this past year's reflections have made me think deeply about the fragility of tender and varying lives lost, for example, during the persistent onslaught on continual young Black Lives dying in the hoods and byways of America.

That's why I have to keep spiritually connected to "Praising God Alone, the Creator Alone, in and under all, and I do mean all, circumstances." It is my only real resolution that I could intelligently offer in order to move forward in life, and that includes in and all of the so-called happy times and even during the myriad of difficult moments that seem to always float around my and your mundane world's of existences.

I'd like you to always remember those scenarios when you make this year's or any subsequent New Year's resolution because you should never take anything for granted. I don't, and that why I'm realizing how precious each moment is. Again, never take that for granted.

Respectfully, I hope that you don't and that you take care of your spiritual, mental and physical health, along with showing your husband or wife, children, family members and friends the very best gracious love that you can because, like I said before, each moment in time is precious. Your health and family are unenviable majestic gifts from God Alone, so enjoy them while you can.

Please remember to always "Praise the Most High Alone in and under all circumstances." That's my eternal New Year's resolute motto to you for this year and forever, and may the Creator Alone keep you in good health and grand spirits during the coming year. 

"Happy New Year," and for today, that's, "As I See It."


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