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A Mother's Wisdom is Beyond Doubt
12/17/2015 5:03:06 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

It's often said that a mother's insight and guidance is something that should never be disputed. To most of the world's acutely aware "colored" folk, there's nothing like a real mother's love, support and wisdom to soothe and heal one's mind, heart and soul with comforting understanding in difficult and trying times.

I'm of that vein because there's so much truth to that utterance and from the depths of my mind-set, there's no greater circumspection than that which can from any ardent mom and especially that coming from the greatest mother of them all, none other than Mother Africa herself.

When I think of the world today with its incalculable states of global confusion, familial conflicts, ethnic hatreds, religious intolerances and personal chaos, I'm terribly saddened. So, I earnestly try to find answers to these and other problematic dilemmas that are existing around me and elsewhere looking for some sound solutions that will lead me to a better understanding in resolving these complicated and other hectic matters with a little bit more wisdom.

I do this by studying, ever-so-closely, some of the renowned African proverbs that I've learned over the past fifty years or so, and they have allowed me to think in more discreet terms. I'd like offer a few of them for your reflective consideration today to see if they make sense to you.

Read them carefully because you may never can tell, if viewed with an objective mind-set, some of these proverbial gems could bring solace to you and others in your immediate inner circle's quest for transforming your collective desire for peace. That leads me to say affirmatively that no ethnic soul of creation should never, ever reject the self-evident wisdom of the original mother of all "hue-manity."

In traditional African societies, for example, it's believed that proverbs enrich one's language and culture. Knowledge of thoughtful words and phrases is a powerful learning medium if you don't take it for granted and in the correct context, use it properly. It's likened to acknowledging that "A Mother's Wisdom is Beyond Doubt."

Take for example, among the Yoruba speaking people of Nigeria, a person who could intersperse speech with meaningful proverbs was looked upon as an individual who possessed great wisdom and culture.

This created ebony being of color was intensely respected because in that culture, the very mentioning of selected proverbs contained valued ethnic philosophy as well as moral tenets.

In Malawian culture a proverb says,"A child on his mother's back does not know the distance covered." In Nigeria, a striking proverbial similarity exists along that same trend of expression in the proverb that says,"A baby on it's mother's back does not know that the destination is far."

Yes, "A Mother's Wisdom is Beyond Doubt" and concerning the aspect of patience, and very frankly speaking, Lord knows I need need more of this, Mother Africa speaks her resolute mind in the Zimbabwean saying "Patience is an egg that hatches large birds." And in Ethiopia, they say, "Tolerance is not to be considered as weakness." Listen to Mom Africa's wisdom.

As I do and have listened to our mother's wisdom, I truly believe that part of our biggest problems in "hue-manity" is due to our collective lacks of understanding what role patience plays in "hue-man" sisterhood and brotherhood. Again, I must go to Mother Africa for a little additional insight.

From Ugandan society, it's said on the subject of patience, "Never give a dog a second bone until he has finished the first one." In Nigeria, they say "He who wants to fly must first learn to stand." Mother Africa speaks wisdom once more.

On the all-too-important subject of unity, and don't we all need solutions for that elusive dream, Mother Africa's wisdom again doesn't leave us hanging. Sierra Leonean society touts,"One finger alone cannot carry a load," and in Botswana the wisdom of Mother Africa utters "When the nose is stuffed, the eyes feel it."

In hearing those Mother African traditional words and thoughts about unity, it makes me think deeper about how much we can learn about peace, love and respect for one another, especially here in so-called Black America. Thinking of that, I'm reminded of another powerful Lesotho proverb that relates "If the right hand washes the left hand and the left hand washes the right hand, both hands will be clean."

Just thinking of how much wisdom can come from the power of understanding Afrocentric words and phrases makes feel that by simply taking the time to reflect on the traditional astuteness of and from the Motherland, it can can do wonders for one's intellectual grasps of so many things. What the mother of all civilization offers to everyone, especially African-Americans in particular, in these modern times of reimagining racial apartheid, is literally amazing if you are truly an unbiased seeker of knowledge. Do I need to say anymore?

In closing, I have to leave you with a couple more time-honored jewels from Mother Africa's wisdom. On the subject of character, in Swaziland it is often said and believed that "A bird is caught by its wings, a man (is caught) by his tongue." From Kenya, the lips of Mother Africa echoes, "It's only the dead who know the friendship of the cemetery." Never forget that!

Remember what Africa means "our-storically" to the rest of world, but first know today what it really means to you, me and others today.

Her wisdom is explicit. She "is" the mother of all mothers. Enough said. Peace be upon you all, and for now and always, that's, "As I See It."

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