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Don't Let Bigotry Destroy Us From Within
12/9/2015 5:25:53 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

This has been an alarming time of trials and tribulations for our nation and the rest of the world recently. So much has occurred in our land and in other venues, forever testing the spiritual sanity and mental resolves of everyone.

Sometimes, you really don't know where to begin in beginning to attempt explaining what's really going on in our midst.

Such an occasion has rested on my shoulders as I think of what to say to you, "The Chronicle's" respected supporters and loyal readership fan base and the rest of this country and beyond during these unfolding periods of heightened political hysteria and increased religious in-toleration.

So, even with all that, America, "Don't Let Bigotry Destroy Us from Within."

I'm a Muslim and a proud American of color. With that being a qualified given, I also wanted to say something to my knowledgeable Muslim brothers and sisters, along with sending a poignant message to other sane-minded religious "colored"folk of all faiths and denominations in this potentially great nation we called the United States of America.

We must not, or shouldn't, ever forget what the seeds of "his-storical"political provincialism, systematic injustice and institutional racism, as infectious mental viruses, once did to this land and those same dreaded narrow-minded diseases can spread like a wildfire today, if we're not careful and you allow them to. Just see, read,hear and feel what's in the air.

Listen carefully. This country, where we live and want to think of as the best place on earth to reside, is something to behold in its overall magnetic awesomeness.

We're blessed. America is all of that and a bag of chips to some fortunate "colored" folk. For them and others it's Shangri-La on earth, and for many, many others it's less than that.

We live in a country of evolving myths and unbelievable contrasts, but in many ways certain things remain the same. If you're a realist, just look at the disparaging differences that exists in the "real" Americas that aren't featured in glamour magazines nor are they on your favorite tourist destinations lists.

America is what it is, and that says so much to inquiring and concerned minds, even if those minds belong to aspiring politicos with tart tongues of divisiveness, feigning patriotism, who apparently don't know or care about many disadvantaged and forgotten ethnic segments and religious components of this land.

We would be wise to remember that not everyone in our famously powerful country wakes up to riches and wealth at their feet and doorsteps, nor do all Americans think and believe the same. It never has been, and it probably never will be that way.

Whatever the standard American's status may be, the things that God Alone has blessed him or her and this country with, in spite of its twisted and painful legacy of Jim Cowism and ethnic hatreds, should make us all stand up and thank the Creator Alone for His (Alone) mercy that He Alone has bestowed on us here in this present day and time. We "all" are the "colored" America that I always write about.

From Christian Protestants of all kinds to Muslims to Rastafarians to Jews to Sikhs to Catholics to Mormons to Hindus to Buddhists and to a plethora of other faiths, beliefs and spiritual entities, we "all" make up the mosaic of the American panoramic landscape we encounter everywhere, no matter where we go or live. America wouldn't be the same without such splendid diversity.

We've come through so much as, hopefully, aware citizens, and obviously we still have much work to do in healing the racial wounds of clandestine political dogmatism and open outward religious prejudices that hinders true respect for "all." "Don't Let Bigotry Destroy Us From Within."

America's worldwide advertising campaign loves to market itself globally as the land of the brave and home of the free, especially to economically suffering global regions of the world.

Many times in my personal existence, I've wondered, as many other thinking oppressed peoples of color probably have and do here and abroad, whether that chimerical mantra really is true in actuality and practice for "all," or is it only for a certain group of ethnic and political folk? Some folk say that they can see through the maze.

I love the America of painted quixotic dreams, but I have a problem with the inequality of the America of fractured realities. I don't know what that means to you and others, but as a Black man of color, I've seen the horrors of racism and bigotry far too many times in my life to repeat them to you in this brief written space. Bigotry is what Black live with.

I was born in Harlem, New York, during the 1940s to parents who were born in South Carolina almost a hundred years ago, and I can still remember as a child what they went through and taught me about prejudice.

Like many other struggling "colored" folk of their time, they fled the virulent racism of the South for the codified bigotry of the North, the Mid West, the Far West of America or anyway else they could flee.

They did this to be able to escape the extant oppression that was placed on them because of their skin color and ethnicity. Maybe, some of you may have forgotten this period, or may not even know or want or know of these difficult times for most so-called Black Americans and others during this time. I haven't and never will!

It was rough as hell back then, and in case you didn't know it now, it still "is" rough being Black and for any other color-labeled Americans in a land that is controlled by some of America's and the world's biased wealthy rulers, synthetic politicians and racially insensitive elite.

Such is the reality of being tested as an American in today's continually hostile worlds of racial and religious confrontations. With that hovering over so many common ethnic folk's mind-sets, please let's not forget that we "all" are in God Alone's world and not the other way around. Money doesn't mean anything to the real, true God. Think.

We must come to together in God Alone's name and honor the way He Alone created us to live and be. It's as submitters to a peaceful lifestyle and to reject apartheid, discrimination and sectarianism in any format, even its in the American political arena.

"Don't Let Bigotry Destroy Us From Within." For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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