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North Charleston Police
Do you think that the North Charleston Police Department has taken appropriate steps towards reform a year after the Walter Scott shooting?
When is the Time?
12/2/2015 5:39:14 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I've been writing this column for a long, long time, and it never fails to challenge me to write about things that occur in the world of the consciously aware. I like to think that I write for an objectively thinking and spiritually liberated mind-set of readers.

I'd like to include myself in that illustrious group of beings who are still ever-expanding and are daily becoming further culturally progressive thinkers. And one must remember that being spiritually liberated is also all about experiencing the panorama of life's myriad of experiences and trials with faith and wisdom. Time waits for no one.

We must never forget that some experiences are easy to learn and some other tests of life are hard to grasp at times. Even so, all, of the sorted adventures of life, no matter their mental flavors, are in the very short run of things, simply about life preparing us to be better in the long stretch of why things happen as they do and will.

"Life is what it is" in all of its unexpected unveilings, and there's no denying that factual reality, especially if you're one of the aforementioned consciously aware "colored" folk of existence who I alluded to in my beginning paragraph. There's no arguing or debating that serene premise.

As I advance chronologically in the living arena, by God Alone's permission, and while traveling through life in this phase of existence, I'm always aware that life is a recurrent learning experience to the very maximum for all discerning souls. I don't know about you and your slant on what I've said thus far, but living is the ultimate university.

Taking that understanding to knowledgeable and attentive perspectives, life is an unending learning school for all consciously aware "hue-mans" of creation. "Life is what it is," and it dares us to be the most in tuned "colored" students of the universe that we must, can and should be on all occasions, fully grasping the sometimes not-so-hidden absolute meanings of the living experiences that have come our way(s).

Some of these sorted experiences come from learning very painful and bitter lessons about the various scenarios that life has placed us in. Again, on the other hand, some of life's experiences are cherry sweet to the heart's content and there are others that are abrasive to the mind's equilibrium.

No matter what these here-to-there experiences maybe, "they are what they are" in no uncertain terms of being testing by the Most High Alone's permission. We, the ethnically diverse "colored" creations of "hue-manity," are in the Creator Alone's universe and not the other way around. Time waits for no one.

Some distracted "colored" citizenry of the ethnic global universe forget that and may become distraught about many things which occur in their worlds of existences. Maybe, many of those folk forgot that they are continual "students" in the "university" called life and are apt to and should be ready to "learn" new things at every juncture in life during every second of every day. Time waits for no one.

I try to remember that being ever so cognizant that no created "hue-man" knows more than his or her Creator (Alone), and that is God Alone, Who (Alone) is the Creator Alone of everything and everyone. Possessing this basic spiritually supreme knowledge is the first step in knowing what the authentic purpose in life is all about which is to acknowledge and worship the Most High Alone.

Please don't get that universal reality twisted by worshipping any "hue-man" being, even if you learned to do so through slavery or some other kind of mental indoctrination or miseducation. Take the time to investigate how, what, why, where and when of oppressed "colored" folk's miseries, agonies and suppressions. It could liberate your soul and, possibly, free your mind.

Being a "true" student of learning should tell you that everything, or, at least, some of the things that most conquered and oppressed folk of the generic universe know of themselves comes from colonial myths, falsehoods, and outright lies concerning their authentic backgrounds and religion, for example, that has been systematically "taught" to them by their enslavers for the benefit of guess who. If you are a consciously intelligent aware student of the universe, do you need me to answer that question for you?

I don't believe that to be the case. So, if you're of color and know that your culture has been maligned and is a "his-storical" victim of racism, cover-ups,distortions and ongoing bigotry, then why not take the time to investigate "the truth" of who you really are. It's never too late to discover who, what, where, why and how you and your culture are in the place that it is in and has "his-storically" been sabotaged.

If now is not the time to check it out, with so many terrible things going so badly as they are for so many global ethnic "colored" folk, then I ask politely, "When is the Time." Time waits for no one. Think about it. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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