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Never Enough Time to Give Thanks
11/24/2015 2:06:06 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It's that time of the year in the United States of America when families and friends gather during the fourth Thursday in the month of November to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

This exuberant occasion, which was proclaimed as a federal national holiday of thanksgiving by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, is generally filled with familial closeness and the sharing of good food. It can and should be about that but I know that it's also a little bit more than that in my spiritual mind-set.

You see, I think of every day as Thanksgiving Day because every day is a miraculous blessing from the Most High Alone to be alive in the here and now. Some politically correct "colored" folk of the universe may take that intrinsic philosophy of mine for granted and think that I'm being a bit pontifical with my choice of thoughts.

Well, I'm not trying to be self-important, even though I respect those who may disagree with my read on the preciousness of each extended moment in time and space that's given to us, the living among " hue-manity." Each day above ground is an exceptional juncture to recognize that we who are so fortunate to be in the ever-present here and realistic now are blessed to relish and commemorate every daily Thanksgiving Day.

The living process is what it is, and life is so fragile until the signs of God Alone to those of us who are in the here and now are truly occasions for us, the so-called American People, to continuously honor and praise the name of the Creator Alone, even on the last Thursday of November in America. I know that I do and must, because I see the blessings of being here to do so as a supreme privilege.

Though some critically minded folk, who with morally correct sensitivities toward showing respect for the indigenous inhabitants in this politically aware nation, question the authenticity of this "his-storical" holiday. They do this with the greatest intended reparation and need for scholarly accuracy to and for the truthfulness of what respectfully really happened to those original inhabitants of this land we call the U.S.A. when the Pilgrims arrived.

Whether the stories of the Pilgrims are "his-storical" myth or are something else, and while some naysayers still debate that issue, I'll still spiritually remain constant, focused and say that I must and will only praise the Creator Alone during each moment that I have, no matter what day is on the calendar. I recognize in my conscious soul that everyday is Thanksgiving Day.

To me that embodies the spiritually correct posture that I, as a submitter to the Oneness of God Alone, should always possess an allegiance to the Creator Alone and no other, and by doing that I shall always give thanks to the Most High Alone every chance I get. That includes today, which is, in actuality, another revealed Thanksgiving Day.

I hope that's not to cerebral for you because I sense that living in the 21st century has become a maze of confusion for so many transcendental "hue-mans"until they've become mentally and spiritually twisted into a group of taking things-for-granted beings. Oftentimes, this is done without regard to observing and recognizing the eternal daily power source behind the realIty of this present life and beyond, Who is God Alone.

Many abstract minded ethnic technological folk of today become victims of the "hollow daze" theatrics that exists In our nation's mythical folklore without regards to thinking about the symbolic rationale behind some of these events. A legitimate seeker of truth knows that if you're not praising the true God Alone, the Creator Alone of everything, then whatever that you're observing is, at best, prayerfully suspect and spiritually shallow. Does that register with your thinking mode?

I hope that it does. So, as you begin to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with your families, loved ones and close associates, as you should, I believe that you should never, ever forget that it's "Never Enough to Give Thanks" solely just on one day of remembrance for this occurrence. It should be done during every solitary moment and on each day of the year from November to October.

That's why I focus on always saying, "All Praises are due to God Alone in and under all circumstances," on each day and on every opportunity that I get. Also, I try to remind spiritually conscious folk who come into my path to do the same, because it's a necessary sort of a spiritual appetizer for the heart and mind that keeps one's soul spiritually nutritiously healthy. Hmm! Sounds a lot like the real meaning of every Thanksgiving Day to me.

You should try habitually saying that phrase often before and after eating that turkey meal this Thanksgiving Day. It will bring you to a joyous feeling of goodness for all concerned because a nation and her citizenry that remembers and praises God Alone much, without racism, idolatry, malice and bigotry, will always be favored before the Most High Alone.

I, again, feel deeply that every ethnic "colored" citizen of our potentially great land will do himself or herself humbly proud honors by deciphering and remembering what "Thou should not worship nor have no God but God (Alone)" actually means as the turkey is situated on his or her spiritual plate and menu. Think about it! Do you agree, or are you thinking too far in advance of turkey and stuffing on your physical food plate?

If you are in either instances, it's clearly understood because enjoying Thanksgiving Day is about eating and celebrating. I must remind you again that it is, again, more than that.

It's about remembering the good graces from the Most High Alone that has come your way for your family, health, employment, friends, etc. So please, in every solitary display before the Creator Alone give thanks to the Most High Alone for all that He (Alone) has done for you, your family, loved ones and other decent and peace loving thinking "colored" folk of the universe.

God Alone is greater than everyone and everything, so, if any "hue-mans" are alive on any day of the year, then they should celebrate that day, or occasion, because it's uniquely special. No spiritually aware soul is promised the next second, furthermore the next day or the next fourth Thursday in November. With no offense intended, I hope that you understand that if you didn't previously know it.

Praise the Creator Alone on all daily occasions in the living process, no matter the texture of their contrasting realities, because there's "Never Enough Time to Give Thanks." Always give God Alone the glory. You (and I) have so much to be thankful for.

May all your soulful diurnal Thanksgiving Days be plentiful and rewarding. In God Alone's majestic name and in the cause of universal peace, respect and love, I sincerely offer to you and yours "Happy Thanksgiving Day" greetings. Be safe. God (Alone) bless America. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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