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Rainy Signs, Forgiving Vibes
11/4/2015 4:37:48 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It's deadline time once again and I must mobilize my thoughts in order to put forth another "As I See It" column. It's always a challenge, because I literally never know where my thoughts will lead me in writing about this or that issue that comes to my mind-set, and today is definitely no different.

You see, I'm writing now through the briskness of a steady rainfall that is coming down with a symphonic-like natural cadence. The mystifying rain is and has always been a soothing backdrop for me to write about anything because, at its core, it is the spiritual essence of universal freshness and the symbol of energetic earthly regrowth.

Call me what you want, but I am a committed observer of the signs of God Alone, Who is the Creator Alone of everything in existence, including the bracing rain that's falling outside my abode. The rain is just one of the recurrent signs from the Most High Alone that makes me feel motivated to look at some of life's numerous spiritual unveilings as I now write.

For some reason or the other the fortifying rain has me thinking of the act of forgiveness, a theme that has been placed before my consciousness in an earlier conversation I had with a dear Muslim brother named Muhammad. It was a powerful and meaningful dialogue, just like the impact of nature's enlivening raindrops upon my psyche.

Brother Muhammad, in our frank and engaging discussion, reminded me of the powerful need for all ethically spiritual folk, not just us so-called Muslims, to be more forgiving of one another. He went on to inform me that, in his mind, forgiveness is what God (Alone) wants all of his "hue-mankind" creations to exercise with and towards each other.

Of course, I couldn't disagree with my beloved brother because he was right on in his analogy of looking at what was weighing many of us in "hue-manity" down with self-imposed hatreds and hang-ups that keep us from being the very best servants of God Alone we could and should be. Our prior impactful conversation seemed to bring me to the awareness of where I was in writing this column during and in the pouring steadiness of the constant outside rain. The depth of my rap with this very intuitive brother helped me refocus on the majesty and the relevance of forgiveness, just as I focused on the way the powerful rain from the Most High Alone is necessary in reenergizing the earth.

All this reminiscent and reflective cognitive thinking made me think profoundly of how fresh one feels after the rain has come and fallen and how relieved one also feels after unleashing and exercising the redemptive and exhilarating power of forgiveness.

Brother Muhammad's discussion on this all-too-pertinent "hue-man" function led us to discuss why all families, in every ethnicity, and especially those within the African-American families, end up separate and in divorce, sometimes for no other reason(s) than, maybe, not being able to listen to or forgiving of one another. It's a point that really concerned us both as we both assessed the roles we, for example, as Black men need to play in building and maintaining a strong spiritual Afro-family base. It's a serious reality.

We also concurred that many "colored" folk in "hue-manity" need to be more tolerant of each other because life in present day America is bewitching and chaotic enough without the raining love and support of family, including the husband and wife equally playing leading roles in this aspect of familial communication. This applies to all of us no matter whether you identify as Christian, Rastafarian, Jewish, Buddhist, or whatever your faith tradition is.

As someone who has made errors galore in my own personal relationships, I see the power of forgiveness as a God Alone directness in abolishing all inner misunderstandings of any kind from our spiritual hearts and souls. Can you say the same thing openly and honestly? This article is not meant to sound goody, goody in import, nor is it authored to suggest to you how to live your life, but rather it is only a heartfelt sentimental message to everyone to know that a strong family is built upon enduring the tests of life in all of their many revelations. That includes you, me, Brother Muhammad and all of the rest of the total family of "hue-mankind."

Listen closely. There's no place in anyone's soul or family for insensitivity and negativity. I believe in harmony, but just saying it doesn't quite alone get the job done. It requires constant upkeep to energize the "forgiving vibes" that unites us, our families and our relationships with others all together in bonds of abiding respect and mutual love for all of God Alone's creations.

Somehow, Brother Muhammad's reminder to me, along with the later rain, further enlightened me about the power of why forgiveness is all about. I hope that it does the same for you because we need it in our lives. Be kind and listen with a forgiving heart. For today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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