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North Charleston Police
Do you think that the North Charleston Police Department has taken appropriate steps towards reform a year after the Walter Scott shooting?
Life's Mighty Lessons
10/29/2015 2:30:17 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

The roadway of existence is called life to me. And when traveling through this maze of experiences it can get a little bumpy t times. I believe that.That's the way that it has been for me in my own sorted and pooled world of experiences for more than six decades that I've lived in my roadways of life. To say the least, I've learned a few things about yours truly and others during this trek.

At this point in my journey down this roadway that I've travelled thus far, I've become more of a spiritual thinker and a solitary loner in my advancing old age. I also have become an intense student of looking at "Life's Lessons" that have fallen upon my excursion pathways during this thinking sojourn between here and there.

It's been a joy and a pain in many ways to see, upon careful reflection, the many, many things that life has taught me this far. I say that because I believe that "Life's Lessons" are spiritual directional reminders and guidance exit points for me and all "hue-mans" to follow as they look back and forward to the happenings in their lives.

Many times in my earlier life's physical travels and numerous mental junkets, l must honestly admit, I didn't obviously have a clue about what going on in and around me. In a sense, I was as lost as lost could be. Does that sound like anyone, other than anyone other than yourself, who you know of as you think of this perplexing question? It should, because it probably describes an overwhelming percentage of abstract minded "hue-mans" who are inhabiting space and time at this very moment, forever lost into their "me, myself and I" worlds.

Whenever I think of "Life's Lessons," I like to remember what my African and African-American forefathers and foremothers had to go through as they travelled on, through and during their painful and aching roadways of life. For me, like other "colored" folk who have their own ethnic perspective slants on pain and brutality done to their ancestors, I will never forget. The sufferings and struggle of my ethnic grouping's throbbing existence helps me stay grounded now in my own personal flight to spiritual insight and moral "hue-manistic" understanding. It's not an easy expressway for the light-minded in "hue-manity" who may not care to reflect with reverence on those in their culture who came before them.

I hope that is a fact that is an unchallenged reality, even among and for present day deniers of what racism's dastardly effect has done on Afro-descendant "colored" folk's mind-sets in the world, both past and present. "Life's Lessons," like I said before in my introduction, are also filled with pain. That's why I have to marvel at how some of my cultural known and unknown ancestors travelled in their roadways and what jewels that they left for the consciously wise among us today to comprehend with an insight to future mental liberation. I can never forget them. Most of you who are loyal readers of my column and have heard my sermons and lectures know that I stand resolutely behind only worshipping God Alone.

That unbreakable spiritual tie to the Creator Alone has allowed me to understand that without The Most High Alone, where would I be? That's a life question, if you doubt what I just said or believe in, you may want to directionally pose to your inquiring spiritual mind. I (seriously) ask you to ask yourself, as you travel any further down life's paths and roadways, "Who created you and everything in existence, and who is control of all of life's destinies and happenings?"

It may be a mystery to some ethnic "colored" folk who are traveling down life's predictable, unpredictable roadways, expressways and paths, but to the spiritually navigated wise in all of "hue-manity," they know that the answer is God Alone, (The) Creator Alone of everyone and everything. No created man or woman is capable of creating anything, though they may invent something by the Creator Alone's permission. I further know that on the slave ships from hell and back during the Middle Passage, some, if not a majority of the enslaved African descendants, knew of and believed in the Oneness of God Alone.

Also, I know they did not, nor could or would they, believe that any man or woman was the Creator Alone of the earth, its inhabitants, heaven and beyond, and definitely not someone who didn't resemble them in any shape, manner or form. Their listed and undisclosed strivings were fearsome. It's said that truth is the light and it will set you free. If that is to believed, and it is not merely a mouthed statement to the wind, then everything that happens in life must happen for a reason. Sometimes, it takes a long time for some of us to grasp this basic truism of life, but when you do, please know that it's another powerful lesson learned from being in the living experience called life. To God (Alone) be the glory. With remembrance of and honor to the forgotten sacrifices and struggles of all ethnically oppressed "colored" folks' ancestors of the world, I will never forget your struggles because your sacrifices are also very much a part of "Life's Mighty Lessons," and for today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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