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North Charleston Police
Do you think that the North Charleston Police Department has taken appropriate steps towards reform a year after the Walter Scott shooting?

The Gospel of Emanuel – I Shall Fear No Evil
7/1/2015 2:29:13 PM

Kurt Walker
By Kurt Walker

It is the proverbial question that religious scholars, theologians, clergyman and your average individual often ponders, why does bad things happen to good people?

As well as the significance of the numerical number nine. In the Holy Bible, Jesus asked, “Where are the nine?” in the Book of Luke, and Peter and John began their prayer in the ninth hour in the Book of Acts.

As I reflected on the wake of the recent tragedy in our city of Charleston I was overwhelmed with a variety of emotions. Sadness for the unnecessary loss of the life, and of the families, friends and the greater community who were impacted by such a horrific chain of events.

Anger, as I tried to come to grips with the person captured for committing this act and the motives and ideology that was harbored by him that compelled him to action. And lastly skepticism as I analyzed the actions and statements of some on what should be done in the wake of these events, as opposed to why some of these actions were not taken prior to June 17th 2015 and why it took the loss of life to motivate some to do things that should not have required the slaying of nine beautiful souls.

Like anyone I was crushed to learn of where the events unfolded. In a church as if that were not barbaric enough, but during a bible study session. Bible study is where you often find members of a church body who are the most committed, the most eagar to serve the Lord, or perhaps the newer members to the body making the plunge into the depths of biblical study to cultivate their Christian journey. Whatever the case, it is considered one of the most sacred places and activities of an organized church. It’s one thing to give and sacrifice time on a Sunday morning, but those who take time to gather on a weekday evening are truly demonstrating the commitment to the Christian ethic.

One the Bible’s most often depicted figures of the demonstration of faith is the humble servant Job. In the scriptures Job is caught betwixt of God and Satan as Satan continues to challenge God in seeking to corrupt, destroy and to even make man smite God, of whom is the creator of all things. It is the constant battle that the followers of Christian dogma find themselves in their daily existence.

When I reflect on Satan walking to and fro in 2015, just as he did in the days of Job, perhaps the conversation went something like this. “And what of your believers in the house of Emanuel, do they fear God for nothing?” stated Satan, to which God replied, “Then go and there you will find those gathered in my name. To which those harm may come, they shall not fear for I have promised them everlasting life, and to those who keep thine faith they shall receive thine everlasting joy and abundance for they too have kept thy faith and believeth in me.” And just like in the days of Job, then off Satan went from the presence of the Lord.

If we are tools and instruments in this tragedy that we call life, then we must reflect on the lesson for the living, from those who made the ultimate sacrifice on that fateful day. As we go forth, as evil and the wicked shall do likewise, let us remain steadfast, staring death in the face, just as our brothers and sisters did at Emanuel and those who survived that evening.

The Emanuel nine, as they have been coined, were an offering for the world to see. In today’s world of global media, these events are being broadcast on a world-wide platform. They were our Sunday’s best offered on a Wednesday night. When bad things happen to good people, there is a lesson in it for them, but more importantly, for you.

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