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Goodwill holds Grand Re-Opening of Clearance Center and Computer Works Store
8/20/2013 10:37:13 AM

Computer Works opening (left to right): Rhonda Jerome, City of North Charleston Mayor Pro Tem; Robert Smith, Goodwill president and CEO

North Charleston, SC - Palmetto Goodwill celebrated the Grand Re-Opening of its Clearance Center and Computer Works stores on August 16, with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Rhonda Jerome, City of North Charleston Mayor Pro Tem, was on hand to accept the "Key to Goodwill Industries" from Goodwill President and CEO, Robert Smith. The symbolic key signifies Goodwill's dedication to the community.

Goodwill opened its doors for business directly following the ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 a.m. and was greeted by exited bargain hunters eager to find treasures. Both stores remained busy through the Grand Opening weekend.

The new stores are located just down the street from their previous locations at 6813 Rivers Ave, North Charleston. "The new facility features a brightly lit, clean interior that will allow for a more enjoyable shopping experience," said Robert Smith, CEO and President for Goodwill Industries of Lower South Carolina.

Goodwill's Computer Works store is a complete electronics sales and service store, offering refurbished desktops and laptops, gaming systems, video games, printers and much more! The store also features a walk up service desk that can provide a complete diagnostic of computers and gaming systems. The service desk offers low cost virus and spyware removal, system tune-ups, operating system installation and repair, and hardware trouble shooting and repair.

Goodwill has partnered with Dell Reconnect, a residential computer recycling program that offers an easy, convenient and responsible way to recycle used computer equipment. The hard drives of all donated computers are wiped clean utilizing Department of Defense software. Donated computers are then either refurbished and resold or properly recycled through the Dell Reconnect program. In 2012, Goodwill diverted 600,000 tons of e-waste from South Carolina landfills. Finally, Computer Works serves as a technology training facility for veterans and individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages to work.

Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Bob HarrisSubmitted: 8/21/2013
DoD actually doesn't make software for wiping software. This article is probably referring to the old multiple pass DoD 8220 standard which is outdated and actually leaves information.

Submitted By: Tina MarshallSubmitted: 8/21/2013
What we should have said in this article is that Goodwill wipes the hard drives to DoD specifications or destroys the hard drives if they are not reusable to ensure that we are protecting information.

Submitted By: Susan CarmichaelSubmitted: 11/3/2013
Yea..yea yes its true Goodwill does a good bit of recycling thru its stores,i would know personally since i worked in one..but what they DONT say is how much money they bring in from just recycling alone..and if this "so called " charity spends 90 cents of every dollar to help train disabled and other employees and " better" their lives thru the "dignity and power of work", then WHY are so many documented disabled employees Goodwill paid SUB MINIMUM WAGES??? Just because its technically "legal"?? You dont see Target,Mcdonalds,Walmart,etc doing this and they offer the same type of training and assistance to their employees and they actually DONATE money for education and do a TON for the community..UNLIKE Goodwill who thinks giving out limited clothing vouchers to homeless people and cheap goodie bags to seniors is actually doing anything.The stores in the Palmetto area average about $1 MILLION annually easily..And how can they afford to have permanent billboards posted?? Pay for television ads,newspaper ads? How the hell is this "helping" disabled and underprivileged people?? Goodwill is a HUGE SCAM and needs to have their "tax exempt" status reevaluated by the IRS ..all they do with their Millions is line pockets of their execs..CEO Robert Smith makes about half a mil a say minimum 250k base year salary,so bonuses,etc are probably a match of that..all they do is open more expensive stores..take YOUR stuff for FREE and resell it for outrageous profits..where do they get the money for all the real estate they purchase for stores?? Ever since the retail model of Goodwill changed around 1999 to these "retail" big box stores,all theyve done is take advantage of the system and gotten hugely RICH..i really hope the government changes the standards for "non profit" companies to run..cuz if they do Goodwill is SCREWED..hmmmm yea i think i need to start making phone calls to some very important people who will LOVE to look into Goodwills seedy ways..

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