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The Discovery of One’s Self
2/16/2017 11:11:19 AM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Living with one’s self is an exasperating experience at times. Life is like that as the old Southern Afro-folk of the United States of America used to say.

Sometimes, whenever I think back to my own familial roots and all the good old Black folk who impacted my life’s psyche with assuredness and care, I think of them fondly. They are my personal and memorable greats from my peculiar cultural past who taught me that to know one’s real self is a constant “Discovery of One’s Self.”

That reminder has always stuck with me in my head because my ever-changing life has been a perpetual flowing testament of ups and downs, a happening that I’m sure you can relate to. The mercurial living experience we all share is no laughing matter, especially when we know that we have to deal with all the daily survival tests that seem to mentally challenge everything that we may claim to be about.

When that happens in my and your worlds of spiritual understanding, I believe we tend to look for answers that should make us all feel at peace within ourselves. I guess that you could say that it’s like dealing with the greatest struggle of them all, which, in all actuality, is the struggle within our own individual selves.

I don’t know whether you follow me or not, but that is where I’m at presently as I deal with, or assess, each moment in time and space with patience and fortitude. Life is a uniquely ephemeral opportunity to for all of us to discover more of what we’re all created to be, even during the persistent trials and unpredictable occurrences of life.

Maybe, that’s why “The Discovery of One’s Self” is a constant in my mind-set, forever harnessing me to the task(s) at hand. These tasks encompass so much mental disciple until I feel that everyone in “hue-manity” must remain focused on what the Creator Alone has placed before them to deal with.

No matter what you call yourself, or what you religiously may identify with, no created being will never, ever be left without being tested. Count that as a given because life’s bottom line of living in the worlds of reality and the here and now is an indisputable struggle of the umpteenth degree.

Yes, life, in so many facets, is one big ever expanding testing zone for the peacefully aware and spiritually conscious minded ethnic “colored” folk of creation. Some folk in the world know that, and others are still gasping in the dark about why things occur, and that’s a pitiful shame.

“The Discovery of One’s Self” is a sustained happening within an aware soul’s mind and heart, leading to new daily finds about one’s abilities to handle the difficult times and trying circumstances that we all face. That requires that we all must never worry about things unnecessarily that we absolutely have no control over.

I’ve come to learn that “worry is faith that has not said its prayers.” I want you to slowly read this again, so please take in what I’m saying, always decoding that “worry is faith that has not said its prayers.”

As you read on, you obviously know that I’m a Muslim who only believes that the Creator Alone is deserving of being worship. I offer that, and with the utmost respect to what your faith tradition is, if declare that you have one, you and I, along with everyone else in creation, was created by a supreme source much greater and wiser than us all.

It’s to that divine source who I look to and for guidance, strength, forgiveness and knowledge, especially when things go topsy-turvy in my own personal worlds of existences. Life is and can be a crazy merry go round ride at times, even for the spiritually pious and the select pseudo elite among “hue-manity.”

No one is spared the test of the trials of life, including me and you. We are not going to escape this phase of the living experience without being put to the nuances of life’s daily sometimes hectic and oftentimes trying occurrences. That too is a given.

When you learn that life’s disappointments and setbacks are only there to make us better in the long scheme of having faith in only the Creator Alone and not a created being, we grow exponentially. That growth has to be cultivated by one’s commitment to the Most High Alone, knowing fully that all things occur with the permissions of God Alone, therefore making it easily understood that “if God Alone is in your corner, there’s no need to worry.”

“Life is what it is” is a motto that says much to the spiritually knowledgeable folk in “hue-manity.” Truly knowing and understanding this makes any sane created being wiser beyond his or her years.

Hopefully, as you read, you’re one of the wise and sane “colored” folk of created “hue-manity” who knows that there’s no one or thing worthy of worship except God alone. Acclaiming this with resolute certainty aids us all in being better equipped in handling the next set of adversities or tests that will surely come our way.

It’s all a part of knowing that “The Discovery of One’s Self” is a definitive, solitary spiritual journey through life’s here and now for the wise among “hue-manity.”

Remember, “Don’t worry,” because when you do that, and if you’re merely a spouting believer, you, in reality, have not said your prayers.

When a prayerful soul discovers the infinite majesty of self and has reliant and abundant faith in the Creator Alone, he or she, gains control of self-doubt, anger, impatience, hatreds and needless worry. So, be a faithful believer in God Alone and be one who always maintains the faith in the Most High Alone’s mercy and benevolence. For now and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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