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Body and Soul
12/13/2016 4:37:53 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Today I'm thinking of the heritage of Afro-Americans and their ancestors. It's a reality that very seldom leaves my consciousness.

The knowledge of my ancestors and their ever-lasting courage and strength during and after slavery has great importance to me in my daily flow of thinking.

Africa and all of her descendants scattered throughout the earth makes me think deeper about man's criminal inhuman injustices towards his fellow man.

Africans are a mystical entity in some ways and are unknown to some "colored" folk, but the legacy of the Motherland has always been on my radar screen of remembrances because Black "Our-Story" is a persistent vibration in my mind. I mean that with all my "Body and Soul."

I love the Motherland, so I have to passionately embrace the sweetness of being Black and proud. It is with sensual humility that I do this because the mental impressions of those ancestors' struggles lingers in my heart and mind with a heaviness that's hard to describe.

Just the distant thoughts of the slave ships' bottoms alone, packed with innocent ebony souls, makes me feel an unseen anger that still resides in my "Body and Soul" now without escapism. Sometimes, I wonder how in the world did my African ancestors survive in those torrid Middle Passage cruises to the detention plantations of the West.

With all my "Body and Soul," I feel, like "other" liberated religious folk today, that I must inherit and incorporate "Never Again" as my daily mantra because bigotry seemingly has become more than a subtle political undercurrent.

My very symbiotic understanding of being comes from my ancestors' survival skills, and I must never, ever forget that with all my "Body and Soul" because I'll never know what they went through even to my limited degree of discrimination.

That term "Body and Soul" rivets through me constantly as I think about the horrors, pangs, brutalities and sufferings which slavery, as a mean-spirited and evil process inflicted upon those innocent ebony captives, who would never see their respective African origins again. Whatever they had in their valiant souls and formidable bodies to endure those maltreatments must have been torturous to their very mental and physical essences.

I love being who I am because the Most High Alone created me and my ancestors with a unique spiritual quality of existence, and I have to remember that always. In the global extension of the African "Body and Soul" consciousness, I see and feel that same quality having been transferred to Mother Africa's distant descendants from the United States of America to South America to the Caribbean, and beyond, with immense pride and awareness.

Black folk, existing in all "Bodies and Souls," wherever they reside in the West or Europe for that matter, are something else. I say that with a humble sense of respect because, even with the heavy psychosis of slavery's debilitating effects that rests within the mindsets of many of those descendants until this very day, Black pride is still very much embraced and intensified.

I'm many ways, the Motherland's scattered souls are a uniquely surviving people, of which I feel ever so proud to a descendant of. The effects of colonial racism and nationalistic apartheid will never destroy real African awareness in the "Bodies and Souls" of any liberated people of consciousness.

Awareness of authoritative African culture is rooted in the DNA of her conscious descendants and from science to art and you name it, the "Body and Soul" of the aware Black man and Black woman is an unsullied reality, despite the infections of colonialism and indoctrinations. From the Peru to Nova Scotia, the "Bodies and Souls" of Mother Africa's children shout out that "Black is Beautiful".

With everything that's in me, I know that the tragically underreported African Holocaust was the real one the enslaved Africans experienced, and not the other way around. Black misery and suffering, brought about by slavery, has never been important to expose for some folks except by the "Bodies and Souls" of aware scattered African descendants.

Those enslaved African victims of barbarous invasions by fiendish captors had to deal with cruelty, beyond the unimaginable unimaginative with not an apparent care about them as beings of creation. Those defenseless ebony "Bodies and Souls" weren't even worthy of being classified as full citizens of "hue-manity" by their savage captors.

With one's legitimate knowledge of "his-story," the real truth might awaken this country and the rest of the colonial world as to how they got rich and prosperous in the first place. In other words, on whose backs did the fortunes of the West grow and who really built, or labored, to make America what it is today?

On whose never recorded "Bodies and Souls" did the endless blood, sweat and tears in the fields and plantations make America become "great" as it claims to be today? I wonder, as I wonder, if slavery's true identity of who really sold who to whom will ever be taught in the classrooms without fear of being blackmailed for doing so? Think!

Who's educating who is a theme that most educated people from all conscious circles are now asking as ethnic studies are being regulated to the sidelines of intelligent intellectual discourse? The memories of those African "Bodies and Souls" stolen from the Motherland cry out for the truth of what happened to them to be told to those who still do not know, or may never be taught by modernity's systematic plantation schools because racism and denial are still undercover virtues for White supremacy and miseducation.

I'm forever reminded of that by just observing the political climate and the social realistic conditions of the majority of ebony "Bodies and Souls" living throughout America and the rest of the world. Is all of this being done with scrutinized subjectivity and careful objectivity and by whom? Hmm!

Some folk are now saying, quite openly, that not too much has changed about equality and justice for all in today's American political landscape because racism is an undercurrent to many in power. Other unbiased thinkers say that bigotry is only an operative apprentice for the continuation of ethnic prejudices.

Sad but true, this malaise serves as a reminder that being Black is very much a tenuous reality that affects all people of color's "Bodies and Souls," not to mention their psychological states of beings. In closing, I must remember that African descendant "Black Bodies, Souls and Lives Matters" in the 21st century, are relevant and worthy of respect and dignity just as they were in past centuries, and for today and always, that's, "As I See It."

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Submitted By: T. WILLIAMSSubmitted: 12/15/2016

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